Worst miss-call witnessed in a CFL game!!!

Ok, I know the Leos could have played better, but they made a game out of it. It was close! But come on, what kinda *@!# was that at the end of the Lion/ Eskimo game. Geroy gets smacked by I think Mobley, preventing him from get close to the ball which was throw i think within the 5 yardline of the Eskimos. Now, I'm no genious, but I'm pretty sure freakin defensive players aren't aloud to make contact with a receiver regardless if the ball is catchable or non-catachable. And that was one of many horrible missed calls on the referees part. I've never been so mad in my life watching a football game. It's sick!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the refs should be fired in this league, espically the ones at the BC game. Hopefully the Als do us a favor and beat the eskimos. :evil:

they will, no worrys, if they can get TO to fumble the ball that many times, LOOK OUT EDMONTON!!!

If Mobley doesn'y run into Simon I think Simon had a pretty good chance of catching that ball. He definitely would have been wide open.

I disagree. It looked like Simon turned into Mobely. Defender is allowed his lanes. At the time at the Stadium, I to was screamin for a PI call. After watching numerous replays at home and seeing the end zone shot, I thin k it was a good defensive play.

Worst call of the game? Buono not putting Printers in sooner!

I only saw it once, so I'm not going to say if it was or was not a penalty. Just if Simon didn't run into him or Mobley ran ito Simon, Simon is open and has a good possibility of amking that catch.


This is a close call. I for one belive that it was PI. Even if it's the WR that ran into the other one, he was going to the ball and had a shot to it, as for the other one, he WAS NOT fighting for the ball.

Anyway, it's my opinion.

Bad call are part of the game (if it's one...i vote for video replay in 2006 :roll: ) and the Esk have done everything to grab the ticket to the main event. Good game by both teams, very entertaining !

Let's get busy now!

Go Als Go!

No way that was a blown call. The DB was looking back for the ball, Geroy adjusted his route and ran the DB.

The worst call of all time (as far as I'm concerned) was actually 3 calls in a row in the '85 Western Final. BBs had the ball 1st down on the one and scored 3 touchdowns in a row. The TV guys saw them, the crowd saw them, the only guys who didn't see them were the refs. I defy anyone to come up with worse officiating than that.

Suck it up you lost.
Live with it.
Your starting to sound like a rider fan!!!

Whoa, whoa, you are just taking out your frustrations from the loss that your beloved argooooooos suffered yesterday afternoon, and taking it out on fans of another game altogether ? That makes no sense, just go lick your wounds and come back with some new rider fan digs please.

Did I make any excuses?NO.
I also said congrats to the Als.
Like I said before.Montreal beating the riders is just as good as a Argo cup.
I know my team will rebuild in the off season.We will make adjustments.How about your riders?Oh yeah,keeping Shivers and Barrett.They sure have done wonders for the riders.I laugh.
Hey I know we will be BUYING new players in the off season.
Can you say PRINTERS!!!!
What is your little riders going to buy?
Anywasy Argos still have 15 cups.How many do you riders have?
I LOVE IT!!!!!
Enjoy your Barrett and Shivers team next year!!!TO FUNNY!!!!

Hey Saskargo....I think we'll send you Dickenson and keep Printers....

Well that's still god, except DD is so fragile that he breacks like China. I'm sure the Argo would love to have him thought.

Nope we want Printers.
Money will talk.

WHAT ?????

oops :oops: , wrong topic!, must be getiing slow in my old age. :cry:

In other words kboy7.
I tdoesn't bother me that my Argos lost.
I know it really bothers you,that your little green guys lost.
They will never get any better.Money talks.
I don't have to lick my wounds.I know my Argos will win a cup in the next 5 years.
Your riders are so stupid.They keep Barrett and Shivers.Thinking they will be better next year.
So when you say I'm bitter.You are wrong.As long as you riders don't have a cup.
If you don't understand.Well that is O.K.
I know you don't know what winning is all about!!!

Dickensen is the only quarterback this year that took more of a pounding than Ray did. BC gave up a rediculous number of sacks this year. If Superman was the quarterback for the Leos, he'd be icing his ribs and high on Tylenol-3s like Dickensen is right now.

As for the non-call, I honestly thought Mobley and Simon both ran into each other accidentally.

Even IF it should've been pass interference, it shouldn't have come down to that if BC played a better game. Printers threw that bad interception and a few minutes earlier Simon dropped a pass that hit him in the hands that would've given them a sure first down.

Even going into the game I knew it would come down to the wire, but when the game clock said 0:00, the Esks had more points. I hope the Grey Cup is as exciting as the last two Esks games!

Unofficial fan poll from the talk shows is to sign Printers and Trade Dickenson for some Lineman.

Reallity is Dickenson is Buono's boy and it'll be Printers gone. Toronto has the Cash flow to sign him.

So who do you recomend off the offensive line for the trade? I know you hate Avery, but its O-Lineman we need.

She never stops for a minute, you gotta love that abou Saskargo, but go easy on her, this is a sensitive time in her pregnancy.

oh suck it up...the refs aint perfect...if it was the other way around id be complaining too but what are u gonna do about it