Worst Loss Yet?

Now, over the last 4 home games the fans have watched some of the worst football played at ivor wynne so my question to you is which home loss was the worst?

My vote goes for the 51-8 saskatchewan game, There was no emotion, no urgency, no heart, nothing. I am interested in seeing what u guys think.

they all sucked

the Ticats came out in the firts q, and made a game of it, against a strong argo d, there seems to be a reluctancy by the refs to call a late hit on the passer when maas is hit late, not like allen,in first q, and there was the pass interfierence on flick that wasnt called either, just seems like this team can be competative but the unequal penalty calls are making it allmost impossible to sustain drives. imo it starts from there then the wheels fall off again, :roll: imo edmonton is getting the same type of officiating imo

Yes i would have to agree that all were equally bad losses