Worst Loss Ever

Seeing as most of my recent posts can be summed up by the phrase “WAAAA!! WHINE!! WAA, WAA, WAA!!,? and seeing as they are increasingly un-gridiron related, I thought I’d try to start a more topical thread, so here goes:

What do you consider to be the most crushing Ticat loss you ever experienced? Not necessarily in terms of how it affected the standings or the season, but for how it effected you personally. The 1989 Grey Cup comes to mind of course, as does the 1983 (?) Al McColeman game, but here are two others that I particularly recall:

1980 Grey Cup - As a 10-year-old kid, I attended the Eastern Final in this year, where I witnessed the Cats beat Montreal at Ivor Wynne to clinch their first Cup appearance since 1972. I still have the pictures (taken on my Kodak Instamatic with magnesium flash cube) of Leroy Paul, David Shaw and Obie Graves conversing on the sidelines, not 20 feet away from me! Incidentally, the crowd introduced me to some phrases that day that by comparison made “argos $uck!? sound like something you’d hear in church. Anyhow, by the time next Sunday rolled around, I was convinced that the penny-ante players on Edmonton, like Tom Wilkinson and some guy named Warren Moon, were no match for the superior talents of the Cats. Alas, Hamilton lost 48-10, the game was out of reach in the 1st quarter, and it would’ve been 48-3 had the Eskimos not put in second-stringers for the last quarter. Very taxing on the psyche of a child.

1993 Eastern Final – The previous year, the Damon Allen/Don McPherson-led Cats pulled out that dramatic semi-final win over Ottawa, only to get their butts kicked in Winnipeg the next week, as Bomber “fans? pelted them with giant chunks of ice (remember DB Corus Irwin (sp?) running up into the stands after them?). The next year, Allen was gone, McPherson flopped, the team was bankrupt, and they only made the playoffs cuz there was no cross-over rule (they went 6-12 or something). Yet, in the semi-final, they dominated Ottawa, largely because Todd Dillon and Dave Dinall had the game of their lives. This was also the year that Matt Dunigan in Winnipeg blew an Achilles tendon and was replaced by the controversial Sammy “son-in-law? Garza, rendering the Bombers ripe for the picking. I was already pumped up enough, but then, down at the family-friendly send off rally at City Hall that week, Earl Winfield took the mike and said (I kid you not):

“I know we’re having a good time right now and all, but I remember what happened last year in Winnipeg. And I just want to say, we owe these f*ckers.?

So then its game day, and Cats fans have gathered to watch the match on the big screen at Copps Coliseum. Pigskin Pete was there, the mayor was there, Sheila Copps was there; it was a real big deal. This was also the year I had decided to go to the Grey Cup (in Calgary) for the first time, never thinking that the Cats had a chance to be there. By the time the game starts, an evil Prairie wind of about 70 kph has kicked up, making it impossible for either team to move the ball against the wind. The game was also full of strange and heartbreaking plays: Dave Dinall fumbling at the worst possible time, Ken Evraire getting called for a pick (of all things) on what would’ve been a late 4th quarter go-ahead touchdown, and many, many others. Yet, with mere seconds left, Joey “Gitch? Jauch hauled in a Hail Mary pass and got out of bounds, putting the Cats within field goal range. As Ozzie trots out onto the field, the wind inexplicably dies for the first time all day, and I’m thinking to myself what a great year to start going to Cup. But then coach John Gregory calls a timeout for some reason, and by the time they get back on the field, the wind is back to gale force. Ozzie almost put it through anyhow, but alas, it fell just short of the crossbar and into the waiting arms of Bob Cameron to end the game. A crushing loss.

Even though the 1989 GC was the Best Football Game Ever (The Catch), it was, to me, the worst defeat i have ever been part of. Lase year's shellacking by the blue team is a close second.

Losing in Winnipeg in 2001 in the ESF.

it started off so well too, with morreale making a tough catch over the middle and the ticats scoring on the opening drive.

alas it just wasn't meant to be.

i was like 13 and it was the 1981 and the east final in hamilton. the cats were so dominating in the east. after a memorable labor day tie with edm (one of the best ever) i was pumped for a grey cup rematch against the powerful eskies.
but in the big game tony gabriel and ottawa rough riders and with that freak jc watts to pat stoqua 103 td pass i got my heartbroken. turns out the eskies came out flat in the 81 cup and ott almost won. to this day i'm convinced clements and the boys would have won it.same nightmare repeated in 82 east semi next season.
4 words haunt me to this day.
frank kush ,skip walker

Yeah, that tie against Edmonton that year was truly one of the best Tiger-Cat games of all time.

48-0 wasnt exactly fun.

was trying to block that one out crash.remember how depressing that was? even the argo fans felt bad for us.lol


If the Cats could do that to the Boatmen (yeah, right!) we'd never hear the end of it.

You guys left out the combined 17 losses from a couple years ago...lest we forget...

and how about the short stretch (1950-83) the argos went without winnng a cup.
leon mcquay was my hero

But not very much since I reminded myself if the shoe was on the other foot you guys would have no sympathy at all for us.

This is a most enjoyable thread.

Yeah, a good read :smiley:

1981 eastern final...i still see pat stoqua: two cat defenders hit him from exactly opposite directions, neutralizing each other...pure fluke...in the same game: rufus crawford all alone, running for a touchdown, literally tripped over a yard line, or his own feet, which was so uncharacteristic (another fluke)...painful...why do the losses stick even more thant he cups?

The worst lost?Well when I look back the 1998 greycup lost to calgary was a big loss!That team in my opion was better then the 1999 team who won it the next year!The character on that team was so strong and hurt so bad when I sitting there in the cold winter peg watching the better team lose.Winners put their heads up high and come back stronger!Thats what we did in 1999 when we fixed damaged memories fron 1998.Character!

This is the only game that seems to stick in my mind...just can't seem to recall any others. :slight_smile:

Don't worry, we understand. That happens to everyone as they get older. :stuck_out_tongue:

87 Eastern Semi......what a fiasco that was!!!

1983 Eastern Final was tough for a few reasons:

  1. we fought valiantly against a very heavily favoured Argo team

  2. we were robbed on a bad pass interference call that cost us the game

  3. it wasn't televised in Hamilton, and I can remember driving around with my parents trying unsuccessfully to find a restaurant or something with both a satellite dish and room for us to enter.

It wasn't the worst loss I've ever seen score-wise, but the most painful football game I've seen happened during the 2-16 1997 season. Which, in my recollection, wasn't as bad a season as the record would indicate for the first ten or eleven games (outplayed and outscored but not necessarily outworked) but ended far worse than the 1-17 season of 2003 ever got.

Don't remember a lot of the details, I don't even remember who thumped us, I just remember thinking that it was the only time in all my years as a fan that I've ever seen an entire team quit halfway through a game. Not a few players - the whole team. The Cat's offensive line was manhandled for three hours and Calvillo was as brutal, and as brutalized, as any quarterback I've ever seen. Until finally he was injured and they gave a few series of downs to the backups who, typical of Ticat backup QBs at that time, appeared never to have held a football in their lives.

The absolute low point in my 35 years of Ticat football and one of the very few times I've ever seriously considered just giving up my season tickets and just putting the Ticat fan chapter of my life behind me.

A game which took place in Montreal in 1956 saw the Ticats defeated 82 to 14.
this was, for me the most frustrating, embarassing loss I'd ever encounter until the Argos gave us a clinic much later to the tune of 48 - 0.
Oddly enough, one week afterd the Montreal thrashing, the same two teams (Als and TiCats) met again at what was then Civic Stadium. This game saw the Ticats beat the Als 52 -14.
It's in the books if you'd care to check it out.
This demonstrates to me that winning teams depend more on team spirit and drive than talent, although talent certainly does come in handy these days for winning teams.
There ya go, borehamgirl, I guess I'm giving away my age too. :o

the 83 eastern final...i was there 54000 fans with a huge contigent of ticat fans in the endzone..we were robbed by the refs and my brother was mobbed by argo fans after the game...couldn t find him ...went home to tell his wife what happened...turns out a church group bus picked him up on the qew hitching home!!!???thank GOD!!!!!