Worst linebackers in CFL

Okay....I said it....we have glorified our LBs for the last few years.....but the "Lionbackers", have turned into the "Butter Backers".....
Williams has a lot to say, but week in and week out teams run over us like it's nothing...league highs every week......blame the DTs, blame the coach.....but BLAME THE LBS......

They have been terrible this year (apologies to Knowlton)..

Time to start looking elsewhere....

Rey Williams has played out of his mind this year. This is ridiculous.

Really...the stats don't back that up.....Harris.....Boyd......Cornish......run through us....that is on the MLB.....that is HIS job, and he hasn't done it...

Our DLine got run over more effectively than our linebackers tonight,

Either way,

We still got B**** slapped.....

It's also on the DT's, Safety, DE's, and DHB's...

Yep....and the LBs....they have to be called out too.....and they NEVER are...

The whole D was MIA tonight. Maybe wonder boy should go.

If a middle linebacker has an ineffective d-Line infront of him he will not be able to do HIS job...as you stated. Football is a team sport and it takes all 12 guys doing their jobs to achieve success. Pinning all our run defence problems on Rey Williams (and the rest of our LBs) is just not fair. What else could Williams possibly do to impress you? 35 tackles (3rd in league), 1 sack, 3 STT, 1 INT (which he returned for 53 yards) and he also got a fumble recovery (which he returned 19 yards and was game changing moment in the Sask game). Williams is playing outstanding football and IMO has been our defensive player of the year, AINEC.

He could prevent teams from running all over us....from having 150 yds + rushing against game in and game out....his stats are terrible, and he talks a good game....but he has not backed it up.....I'm not pinning all problems on him, but I'm not excusing him either, as you are.....

The linebackers were getting blocked out by the defensive line getting pushed into them.The defensive line was beaten badly they looked confused and tired and were simply out played.
Creehan, either needs to change schemes to play to the players strengths or change players because they could not get it done today.
Everything starts up front on the line and when you lose that battle bad things follow as was shown in this game.

Youre right I am completely excusing Rey because he has been far and away our best player on D. I am done posting on this thread because clearly there is no reasoning with you if you are trying to tell me Rey's stats are bad.

D Line sucked going into camp. it was the biggest concern and still is.

This is primarily why Hamilton has the worst defence.

Lbs are fine.

Yup...last in sacks and not enough pressure on the QB. And on top of it all...a defense that never ever blitzes

The LBs haven't played "fine"....stats speak for themselves....rb's are having a field day against us....and that is on the LBs....not just them....but them nonetheless....

Front 7 is the problem..Rey is the best one out there..knowlton and Johnson are overrated and too small..d-line is awful.
So, Knowlton is hurt and Thomas is playing LB, not Eiben, then Thomas goes down and Webb goes to LB, not Eiben. Probably a ratio thing...
Anyway I am sure someone will tell me I am wrong and tell me that Knowlton was best defensive player in league or something,,,but what I do know is that the strength of any team is the trenches and at this moment ours are weak on both sides of the ball.. :rockin:

The Linebackers play has been suspect since the start of the 2011 season. Coincidentally we lost both Otis Floyd in the MLB position and DC Greg Marshall after the 2010 season. I think that the vast experience and leadership of those two guys is sorely missed. We've had rookie DC's the last two years that have brought in new systems and it hasn't exactly worked out. But it's not just the LBs. The D-Line is very weak and let's not even bother with the DBs.

Bottom line is that when Hank and Fantuz are having an off-night, don't expect this defense to keep us in the game.

Calgarys O-line dominated, they were opening up huge holes. That's the bottom line.
Any back worth his salt will have a big game with openings like that.

Hard to put all the blame on the linebackers when they're getting zero help from the line.

Tackles form last nights game

RAY, C 3

Linebackers 14 tackles ( more if some of Webb's were as LB after Thomas got injured)

DBs 16 tackles, ( less if some of Webb's were as LB after Thomas got injured)

D - Line 10 tackles

DBs should not be outperforming the D-line in tackles on a regular basis.

You guys seem to have the same problem we have in Montreal: a great offense, but a questionable defense that can't step up and win games when the O isn't firing on all cylinders.

I call BS on this thread. 2 of our LBs are top 5 in tackles this year and not quite sure if you have seen this...

Injured List# Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College
25 Knowlton, Markeith LB Import 6.00 205 1983-04-06 North Texas
36 Brown, Ike LB Import 5.11 223 1985-04-29 Central Michigan
40 Joseph, Alex LB Import 6.02 240 1988-07-06 Temple
41 Hood, Jonathan LB Non-Import 6.00 195 1985-12-23 Western
47 Richardson, Louie LB Non-Import 6.04 220 1985-09-22 Manitoba
53 Jean-Mary, Patrick LB Non-Import 6.02 230 1986-06-06 Howard

9-Game Injured List# Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College
33 Bullock, Byron LB Import 6.00 212 1987-03-04 South Dakota
48 Carter, Yannick LB Non-Import 6.01 205 1984-02-05 Wilfrid Laurier

You might not understand what this means, but it means we have ZERO depth at LB right now. When the guy replacing the guy who would replace the guy who would replace the starter gets hurt you are literally up s### creek without a paddle. I think C. Thomas did a decent job of filling in for Markeith, but when he went down we were screwed. We are getting very little pressure on the QB and the RBs almost always get past the D-line. Linebackers are the least of our worries. Keep smoking what you're smoking. It might ease the knee pain of jumping off the bandwagon. :wink: