Worst LB In The CFL? Brandon Issac

Toronto's defence has really fallen apart over the past month and a half - - even worse than last year's disaster - - and it's pretty obvious teams are targetting the weakest link: Brandon Issac. Just watch the film - - it's embarassing how feeble his attempts at tackles are. The idea of a WR being able to block a LB one on one is unheard of at any level of football, but Issac is consistently taken out of the play by receivers.

You can't have a LB looking to AVOID contact - - especially against the run. I've never seen such pathetic attempts to fill gaps. The only time Issac will hit someone is if it's a cheap shot or if he's coming unblocked on a blitz and can hit the defenceless QB.

No wonder Calgary dumped him. The guy is terrible. And the only thing keeping him in the league is his buddy Chris Jones.