Worst kept secret has been released!

Huffer is now the coach and GM of the Stamps. Barker remains in his position but different name. Cortez will remain with the staff but unsure where many assistants stand. I guess Huff will bring in his own assistants.

A nice choie by the Stamps. What kind of roster moves do you expect to see, 05? Any vets on the bubble?

It is hard to say but I am sure he will look at the defense before he dismantles anything in the offense.

It is a good signing, I think he'll do an excellent job in Calgary.

That said, I still think whoever on the Stampeders' payroll leaked this move just prior to the playoff game should be fired.

Dreadful timing and showed no respect for Higgins, his staff, and the team.

I knew for a while now that Huff would have to be back in eventually HC postion. Tried to tell them in Hamilton that they should go for him.

Wonder what it would take to get mike riley back here.

Good news for Calgary, i think Huff and Burris will work well together

Madjack it happened at a golf event when an owner of the team mentioned this to another golfer and it was over heard by a reputable media source. However, that source leaked it to Francis. And we know what happened to the rumor. Both parties feel bad for what happened.

As they should. Still is inexcusable from my perspective, but it's water under the bridge now.

I always liked Hufnagel as a player, the guy has an excellent resume and should be good for the Stamps.

Yes this was released in the paper here and it was very unfortunate this occured. The reporter that blasted this all over Eric Franics is a joke to begin with and maybe just maybe he should of held off on this story until after the team was done. I am sure his story would have been aprreciated by the team and fans a like if he had waited.

Would have been the classy thing to do.

Ya it seems the media can be class less. I am sure the owner will no longer trust anyone. To bad that was bad for the team and the coaching staff at a critical time of the year.