Worst head coach so far????????????

Who has done the worst head coaching job thus far this season??

  • remember to judge the coach also on the talent he has been dealt with.

My picks in order from worst to best ( worst being # 1)

  1. Daly- Runs away with it- refuses to adjust on offence- make a change!
  2. Greg Marshall - Hamilton - honeymoon is over.
  3. Edmonton's new guy- looked out of his league in Montreal game
  4. Papao- Ottawa- nice guy but does not get it done!
  5. Higgins- Calgary- completely lost in cowtown- get rid of the glasses tom!
  6. Matthews - has he lost interest???- Montreal
  7. Pinball- Toronto- plenty of talent until Damon gets hurt.
  8. Buono- BC - has all the talent - but can he keep Printers happy.?
  9. Dan the man Barrett- overcame injuries and stills wins-good offence!


  1. Daley
  2. Marshall
  3. Higgins
  4. Paopao
  5. Clemons
  6. Macocia
  7. Barret
  8. Matthews
  9. Buono

Paopao seems to be rated a bit low ... his team is way above expectations at 2-2

Daily will not see Labour Day. Proved it here in Sask. great D-coordinator ..bad head coach. I feel sorry for him because in both places he did not have the players to support a winning team and no hope in getting anyone good soon.

Turkey, if you want to judge coaches on how they do with the talent they've been dealt with, Paopao needs a spot in the first ranks. Ottawa was the worst team in the past three years, and they were pillaged during the off-season. Now they are 2-2 and held BC to a close game.

Daly is the absolute worst.

Marshall shouldn't be ranked this low, because no matter how good you coach, you can't win when players don't execute well. What should Marshall do? Step on the field and throw the ball himself?

T & T, how can you say Ottawa was the worst team in the past 3 years?
We were better than Calgary last year.

I said so because you guys won 16 games in three years, giving out an average of 32 points every game. If that is not the worst performance of the last three years, then it's only a really atrocious performance.

Anyways, my point wasn't about showing how bad the Rens were in the past 36 months, but how good Paopao worked with his roster so far this year.

Geez... I'm sorry I tried to compliment you team.

Please explain choice number 3, if anything i thought that game showed he is one of the best new coaches. it was the best game of the year so far, and lost by a field goal, in a game which should of gone to overtime, not saying the Als didnt win fairly or didnt deserve it, but i think everyone knows there was some home field advantage there, but that goes for any home team in those situations, one of the advantages.

Danny Barrett is a player's coach, lots of players would want to play for him, but don't like the city, and the sub par facilities of Taylor Field.

Oh - no question .... Calgary has been the worst team in the CFL for the last 3 seasons ...


2004 :: 4-14
2003 :: 5-13
2002 :: 6-12


2004 :: 5-13
2003 :: 7-11
2002 :: 4-14

And its worth noting that Calgary did have a better record than Ottawa in 2002 ... But they don't have much of an excuse - since they were the defending Grey Cup champions at the time ... Beyond that tho - Calgary hasen't only been the worst team, they've been the worst organization ... They've changed head coaches two or three times ... a million quarterbacks ... two different owners ...i can't remember the last running back that lasted half a season ... and the funniest trades ever.

As far as the worst coach ... I hate to say it ... Daley. Maybe Calgary will pick him up. Bwwahahaha!


Lancaster Junior…His record in Hamilton & Winnipeg, Look at how his offense played against Winnipeg…A matter of time.

i would pay to see edm put rl jr as head coach! that might make them miss the playuoffs

Right now, I'd go for Daley, simply for thinking that Kevin Glenn could be a starting QB in this league and for not playing Spurgeon Wynn when Glenn was injured. Daley doesn't seem to be calling a good game on offense, either; no creativity, no surprises.

Marshall has to take some heat as well for not finding a good backup for McManus (Brady, like Bishop, will never cut it), and for allowing Lancaster to trade Montford away in the same year he lost Cheatwood to the NFL. That was a super-bad move, as the TiCats no longer have any pressure up front. Marshall should also have placed Yeast back on kick return during the Saskatchewan game in hopes of jumpstarting his team, and he didn't. Finally, he should let McManus call his own plays.

Daley hasn't been making a lot of fans happy in the Peg'....so far....it could change, but right now he is definitely 'bombing'......biggest disappointment , Marshall in Ham......biggest surprise ....Paopao....but can he keep it going....... :roll: :?:

Daley for the worst coach in recent history. Agree that if he can't see talent in Spurgeon Wynn there is something wrong. When he came on in BC there was excitement in the air. His problem was that Casey last year came back and blew everyone's expectations away!

Papao is a well respected players coach as is Danny Barrett. Both quality coaches and people so I wouldn't be rating them low at all. Joe has to be in the worst situation of all though with the clowns running that show (ownership and their groupies).

I agree with most of the previous posts and especially the last two. By far and away Daley is out of his league. Bad QB decisions and then staying with Martin for three games.

pshhh i hate danny maciocia, hes the worst coach ever. then higgins.
pinball is the best, in class and talent

It's hard saying who the worst coach is right now, but it seems a lot of people are picking Jim Daley. Now if we were picking the worst CFL head coach of the last 15 years, Daley wouldn't even be in the running. It would have to be either the former Winnipeg coach with the initials JR (I promised blackdale last year not to mention his name again, so please PLEASE give blackdale a break and don't actually say his name) or the incredibly bad John "Skippy" Huard , the former Argo coach who actually caused Pinball to retire as a player and become the head coach.

How can Macciocia be the worst coach ever when he's only been there for four games and won three of them?