Worst head coach in the league

No its not Charlie! I nominate Stumbler sorry Stubler. The way he has handled his QB's is a joke. I was praying he would not make a change last night because Bishop has killed us in the past. He took a page from our half time adjustment book and did nothing. Stumbler is a great example that not all coaches can be a head coach. I wonder did he hire Kavis Reed to coach the defense? That must have been some resume he had coming from Hamilton. Good CFL coaches know how make effective changes to personnel and game plans during the course of a game. Far to often that has been our achilles heel but last night it was a pleasure to hand that honor to the Argos.

Right now, my nominations would be Stubler, Berry, and Taaffe in that order. Charlie has had his moments this year, but the Blue Team looks rudderless, particularly on defence. Berry is up and down like a toilet seat in terms of his staff's ability to make in-game and halftime adjustments.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree and thats why the west is so strong, with the exception of Edmonton they all have rock solid coaching staffs this season.

Taafe, Stubler and Berry--no particular order. Any one of them can stink out the joint on any given night. Watch Berry tonight for example. :twisted:

An Argo-Cat fan

good coordinators dont always make good head coaches. sudsy couldnt do it and it may be that stubler cant either. if they are great at defence, let them run the defence.

that's why i was happy when the argonauts made stubler head coach.
he is bar none the best def coordinator in the league and now a lot of that now has fallen onto kavis' lap.

Bishop has killed us in the past?

High school QB’s have killed us in the past.

This is a different team then the ones Bishop hit wide open receivers against.

I thought someone said his high emotions towards his assitants was better than Charlies subtle cool & calm coaching technique?
Huh BarneyFife?...ha ha
It's a team game and coaches get the spotlight & blame like QB's and kickers.
All part of the sport eh?

Stubler isn't impressing me as head coach. He was a tremendous D.C., but he doesn't seem to know how to motivate players he doesn't directly manage or get along with his assistants. I saw him yelling at his special-teams coordinator on more than one occasion on the sidelines. That's unprofessional.

People who thought Pinball was just a figurehead coach may be reevaluating their opinion today. :wink:

Let's swap coaches!! Actually, I think swapping these three coaches would be like moving the chairs around on the Titanic. I still get a kick out of watching Stubler go ballistic and Berry's temple veins throb to Charlie's laid back demeanor though. Makes for better tv. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

worst to first

1- Berry
2- Machoochio - a monkey could coach that team to the same record they have now
3- Stubler
4- Taaffe
5- Ken Miller - he's a great coach and offensive guru but can't put him a head of Buonno
6- Bounno
7- Marc Trestman
8- Hufnaggel

And the 2 guys I hope are not coaching in the CFL next year are Burratto and Berry. Steve probably has the most predictable passing schemes in the CFL.

It's funny, but the only games that I ever feel we're ahead or even in game management are against Edmonton.
I'm not a huge fan of Daft (understatement) but I think I prefer him to Maciocia.
Berry is definitely trying really hard to work his way into this elite group.
As for Stubler, I'm not sure you can blame him for all the missed tackles last week. That's really not a more talented team than their record indicates.

Berry the Bomber

personally I think Macchochia (sp?) is the worst coach in the league. He never seems to know what's going on. He should be an offensive co-ordinator, not a head coach.

I won't say Stubler is a bad coach, but, like someone mentioned earlier, like Sudsy, I think we will find that he is a more effective DC than head coach.

Pinball was effective because he had great co-ordinators in Austin and Stubler.

Stubler has Burrato and Reid...hardly what Pinball had to work with.

Charlie moves up one spot this week!

Charlie is in top spot IMO.

Its the time Obie to bring in a new head coach ASAP sorry to say bye bye Charlie Brown

charlie is asleep at the switch, time to send him packing. his legacy will live on with the likes of beckman.

Sorry beet disagree ..
Problems are not charile.

(1) Lack of Pass Rush from Front 4
Obie Fault we did get right people in here
We better get some good one in during the break.

(2) Bad Oline play from Jonta
again he should have been replaced.

(3) WR Coach needs to fired..
Why Guy not coming back to help Ritchie.

(4)O'Neal Wilson please cut this guy..

This team is better but need a few more Peaces.

on Bright side my tickets will be cheaper
if they fire charile or not ..

Doesn't the coach have any influence at all??????

Nothing is ever his fault....

Of course it boils down to play on the field....of course.....

and our play....again....is the worst in the league....

Stupid is as stupid does Forrest.