worst half time show ever

that had to be the worst ever, the black eyed peas who are they in the first place.couldn’t make out a word they song.totally stupid. there had to be another person or band in canadathat could play much better than that

Yeah, I didn't think they were great. Could have been alot better, with another band.

I usually don't hate the Black Eyed Peas (especially when I imagine their slutty female singer naked in melting ice cream), but I though they were dead crappy last night. I even think they were doing lip-sync. And we couldn't hear anything. It was just noise with incomprehensible lyrics.

I remember saying to a friend "Anyone who sees them for the first time won't ever want to hear about them anymore".

Too bad. With such a game, the half-time show was the least of my concerns.

I'm not a rap fan, but if thats the best they can do, then I'll sing next year!

U2 was in Montreal, why not fly them for the Grey Cup ! :wink:

Always said it, Grey Cup Half-Time show sould be CANADIAN Content....we have som many rock bands...I'm pretty sure 1 was available !

I love Canadian music, but come on, if it's always Canadian Music, than it's all just going to be recycled. The Hip, Shania, Trooper, The Guess Who, and repeat. Or at least until people go iut and realize that there is good new music out there, andburn the Trooper cd's already.

If this is Canada's biggest show, then you should get the biggest names, excluding Rap and Hip Hop of course.

I hate rap, but the Pees have done a few good songs.

They were definitely singing live, not lip-synch. I'll give them credit for that.

However, they sounded really bad.

And I don't think organizers should be obligated to put in a Canadian band or singers for halftime. Americans didn't complain that Paul McCartney was English when he played the Superbowl halftime. And I wouldn't complain if Grey Cup organizers could land superstars like U2 or the Rolling Stones for example to do halftime.

After all, the bigger the stars, the bigger the CFL exposure.

Paul McCartnay in the Super Bowl was a bad idea. "He is too old" I heard most say the next day. They (NFL that is) need somebody younger next time.