WORST HAIR IN THE CFL?????????????????????????????????????


Who, in your opinion has the worst hair in the CFL?

My picks are:

  1. Coach Popp of the Als.

  2. Troy Westwood of course.

  3. Assist. Coach Dave Easley of the Ti-Cats!!!!
    (Check his hair out - if you can find it you win a prize!)

Hair today
Gone tommorrow!
Riders Rule

  1. Troy Westwood.

Does Scott Coe still have that red hair?

if so he gets the #2 spot

Eric Tillman has got to be up there.

I'm not big on Mike Maurer's mohawk either.

1.) Troy Westwood , hands down .

I hate the way his hair flows out from under his hat. :x :lol:


I am going to go with Glenn January. What a handsome devil he is ... :roll:



  • paul

Looks like a singer from the '60’s = Tiny Tim!

...Tom Higgins.....the shine is off his do....

That made me literally laugh out loud

It's a toss-up between TJ Stancil and JoJo Walker.

I gotta go with Westwood, with honorable mention to Tillman and Popp.

I'll go with Popp among coaches and Westwood might be edged out by Tiny Tim above. Is the Easley guy in Hamilton the James Carville clone?

I have to go with Adam Braidwood. The mohawk doesnt work for him. Popp is a close second.

Roy Shivers when he was still in the CFL

Yup Westwood!, his mullet nauseates me.

Yes , Easley is the Carville clone!!lol

if your look at tom canadas hair it looks rather raggish on the field

westwoods the obvious pick though

jim pop also has a strong case

Westwood wins hands down. It doesn't help that the man looks like trailer trash . . .

As well, I must stick up for Popp's hair. I think it's classy!

Coach Taffe looks like he gels his hair!!