Worst GM

A group of us have been debating who may be the worst GM of 2016?

Peter Chiarelli

Well, the Montreal GM gave us that awful Montreal coach.

Saskatchewan is a dumpster fire.

Toronto has bungled the QB situation.

Those are the contenders to me.

The only change I would make is Popp stepping away from the coaches position, other than that I think it is a pretty fair group.

All the GMs have merit. A couple years ago I would have said Herve is the worst - and then he assembles a Grey Cup winner.

Corky may be Dunniganning himself to death in Sask. - taking on far too much in terms of responsibility but he's a great personnel raccoon along with John Murphy.

No one doubts what Wally & Huff have and still are accomplishing.

Carnival Barker shmiced himself and his franchise with some debatable let-gos of better QBs and keeping the ageing and frail Ricky Ray hurts his minor league legacy.

Austin seems to be able to find quality personnel - in cahoots with the disgraced Eric Tilman.

The Ottawa boy - Desjardins surprised tons last year with his near Grey Cup win. Think he's come down to earth now - as Hank is nearing 42 and is a total pain in the buttski - and Harris is exposing himself to increased frustration.

Popp is a very good GM, has been for years but his decisions to keep himself on as coach is sketchy. His hires of that American lunatic and handling Tom Higgins leaves much to be desired.

Kyle Walters is still green - he's done some good things like taking Nichols off the waiver wire but his prior faith in a hobo named Willy creates doubts. The entire organization over-rated Willy. Now they're stuck with an enormous contract and debateable insurance.

Taking a puke like Addison Richards in the first round CIS draft also taints Walters - but he's still green and learning his craft. He can't do anything anymore without Wadzilla signing off on it.

Have to agree

4 of you have no clue

Well, three votes for Montreal, one for BC, and one for Winnipeg makes five. So, that's you and four friends?

Whatever. The jealousy and hatred are very evident

And just a quick update…It now looks like 8 don’t have a clue :wink:
And before you ask…I voted for Toronto and J. Barker :slight_smile: :lol: I think that the guy running things (into the ground) in Saskatchewan is doing a fine job. :roll: :lol:

I voted for Montreal only because it looks like they have hung on to too many veterans past their prime. Dave Ritchie was the same way and Popp looks like he going down the same road.

Someone voted for Wally? C'mon man. It's one thing to dislike his penchant for working the sideline officials during a game, or ridicule him for not wearing a headset in 2016....but questioning his personnel decisions??

This is a guy who's getting a #1 pick in the 2017 CFL Draft for Vernon Adams Jr., a quarterback who's a long way from being a bona fide CFL starter - even for the Alouettes carnival sideshow, and was not going to be playing behind Jonathon Jennings (or Travis Lulay for that matter).

As of right now it's a fight between Popp and Barker. I voted Popp though, because of his cap management and struggles to find a QB not named Calvillo. Not to mention his decision to push Calvillo to the OC position before he was ready.

Jones is in the first year of a rebuild, so let's see if the team improves next year.

Any GM who would be stupid enough to sign a 29yr old from a semi pro league in Northern Ontario and then proclaim what a great player he is and hand him a starting job is hands down the worst GM in the history of the CFL.

Who's the player and GM you're speaking of 51 ?

Jealousy? Man, that's the funniest thing I've read in a while. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nobody is jealous of that trainwreck of a team.

I voted for your guy and I'm happy to admit it. Not sure he can even do one job let alone three. He lost that last game for you, not your kicker when he couldn't throw the flag. Can't wait for the gang to turn on him next year when your in the same boat again. BUT I'm just so jealous. What is another 2 million to you guys.

It's his first damn season! You guys know crap all when it comes to football. Grab a brain!

I edited your post to remove the swearing (against the rules, remember?). Your constant hostility is getting tiring.

I voted for Sask. Hervey built Jones a team in Edmonton and he had success. He goes to Sask as the man in charge and it's been a disaster.

Why, because he traded Hall? :lol:

Hostility? You can't be serious. Yea o..k..