Worst game preperation....ever

From the time I stood down near the player tunnel to watch the players enter the field, with a complete emotional void,to the first 2 and out with obviously no play design from the get go, to the 3rd and 2 from our own 35 yd line down 20-1 with a backup QB sneak that had no hope in hell in succeeding, to the merciful final gun, I have never seen a football team so physically and mentally unprepared, devoid of any stategy. SHAME ON YOU HAMILTON TIGER CATS. YOU DESERVE TO LOSE YOUR CUSTOMERS. :cry:

I'm extremely disappointed that coach Lancaster didn't feel it was necessary to talk to the CBC reporter or to the guys on the post game show. I don't care if he doesn't have the answers, at least show some class and tell us what you saw from the sidelines. That is the only reason I listen to the post game show. I like to hear the coaches take on things.

Very classless move by the Little General.