Worst game of the year?

This game has been terrible. With all the awesome games in the CFL this year this one really falls flat. The one consolation is that the game is close so we could still have an exciting finish. Terrible game so far though.

It has my vote

it happens

Does it? Maybe in the NFL. I can't remember a CFL game this boring... ever.

Lets hope this is the worst game of the year.

What REALLY makes it the worst is the scary injury to Tucker. Lets hope it's not too serious.

It just got to be the worst, there was no need for the Hamilton D to pound Tucker into a stretcher in tonight’s garbage game… :x

is this your first yr??

No, but no other game comes to mind that was as horrible as this one. As others have said the injury to a great athlete like Jason Tucker makes it even worse. It's unfair to blame the Hamilton defenders though. They are playing hard just like they should be. The injury was unfortunate but it's not like they were trying to take Tucker out.

You make it sound deliberate!

I'll admit the first half was pretty boring, but it got a lot more exciting in the second half.

blah.. two bad teams, showing the rest of the country just how bad they really are.

No one tolr Tucker to drop his head to meet the defender on that play. It's an instinctive reaction-try it! If someone is going to run into you, you WILL brace yourself in some fashion. Sometimes a person picks the wrong way to brace. Tucker should have figured that out in high school.

The Eskimos were severely criticised last year for the dink and dunk offence and today they were doing it again against the worst team in the league. Why does the Gopherman still have a job?

Also spare me the part about “great” Even though I detest the Eskimos with a passion, I do have great respect for a receiver that can run more than one route, be an effective blocker, and not be very big besides. Brian Kelly.

This is probably Alvin's last season as coach, hutch. The Esks appear to have quite a bit of talent, yet they underachieve. So unless they suddenly start dominating Alvin will likely (should) be demoted (or kicked upstairs) after this season.

I could only listen to the Eskie-'Cats game on the radio so I really can't comment on the quality of play, except to say that low scoring affairs usually appear to be because of poor offense, but can often be attributed to intense defensive battles. So maybe both teams actually played a pretty sound game in that sense and they have cause for some optimism.

Printers looks simply awful this season. It's pretty crazy that he hasn't thrown a touchdown in 5 games.

In fairness, it was bit of both. Hamilton's offense forgot about their bread and butter running game in the first half, Ray and his recievers were just not on the same page tonight. Dangerous throws and gimme passes dropped. Printers had absolutely no chemistry with his recievers. And on the other side of things, both team's defenses made some good things happen. Ugly and boring if you were watching on the telly, probably more bearable if you just had a radio. Were you streaming a radio feed online? I hope you had Hamilton's radio broadcast on in that case. Zamperin and Lancaster beat the pants off of Hallsy and Dave Campbell any day of the week.

This game was pretty bad live too. Highschool calibre football. Lot's of stumbling and bumbling, dropped passes, bad kicks even, on both sides. Neither team looked good, Eskies just looked less bad.

Agreed. I don't know what I was thinking (well, about work actually), but it won't happen again.

I think last weeks Hamilton vs Calgary game was worse. At least this game was close.