Worst G.M. ever.....

Marcel Desjardins was the worst G.M. ever…He traded away good players for absolutley nothing or for players who are no longer with the team…

I hate to see people get fired but he absolutley deserved it…It makes me wonder if Montreal sent him here to destroy this team,which he did…

On one hand... the trades got us no where. On the other hand, we did land the likes of Printers, Moreno & Setta in Desjardin's tenure.

All we can do is see what happens and decide whether or not to invest in this team...


He had two huge obstacles that didn't help him at all:

  1. Cleaning up the mess from previous managment as was acknowldeged in the Spec today. Katz was put in a postion for which he was not qualified and had no experience in. he's not a football guy. That's Bob's booboo I believe.

  2. Coaching staff was hired late and they lacked the necessary CFL experience.

I really believe that year two would have been a significant improvement for the following reasons:

  1. Starting training camp with Printers instead of Maas. Huge diffeence right there.

  2. Coaches would have gained valuable experience and would have had lots of time in the off season to prepare accordingly.

  3. Marcel's new group of players that replaced the old core of the "losing culture" would have gained a year's of experience with which to gel aroound the nucleus of Printers, Lumsden, Moreno and Setta.

And after reading that thjey will not blow this up again in favour of surgical refinements only acknowledges that Marcel did something right.

I believe he's a scapegoat, but I'm also optimistic that Mitchell kows who he wants and that he be an experienced GM that will fine tune Marcel's major overhaul.

I odn't buy the argument that he traded away many good players. Aside form Flick, i had no problems with any other player leaving.

When you replace Maas with Pritners, Barrenechea with Moreno, Cheatwood with McKay-Loescher and Boreham with Setta, you've done something very right.

Good luck Marcel.

He is the worst gm ever I think. He is the one who hired the coaches without cfl experience. The losing culture had a better record than what marcels winning culture has brought the team. Most of the losing culture are now heading into the playoffs on contending teams. Scott mitchel made it clear he didnt expect marcel to blow it up either, but he did and failed and will never g.m again. He is the beckman of the new era, had his chance, failed and will be forgotten. I wish him and his family all the best but football is a business and he didnt do the job.


I fully agree with your post in this thread. I think you have a good read of the entire situation.

It will now be interesting to see how many more heads roll. Personally, I wouldn’t do too much more firing of coaching staff with the one exception of DC.

In terms of players, I don’t think it would be smart to get carried away there with cuts either. With the exception of some line changes and perhaps major changes to our defensive secondary, I wouldn’t be making huge changes.

The foundation is now in place to build this football team.

Scott mitchel said on the fan that it was never the intention to sacrifice a season and rebuild, so this talk of having to blow it up and start over is bunk, mitchel said himself they didnt want that. gotta wonder why marcel even tried it. so really I guess marcel dug his own grave. He thought he could put his own stamp on the team. He needed to evaluate what was here properly and he failed in every respect. Next year we wont remember the guys name.

I think more changes are in the works. He identified the lack of CFL experience amongst the coaches as a weak area so my guess is that some/all of the assts won’t be back. He didn’t go out and exactly give Taafe a ringing endorsement for that matter so he may go as well. He also said the American content on the team was the worst or near the worst in the league which means he wasn’t happy with the receivers, the secondary and some of the linemen. In fact, the only guys he mentioned specifically as keepers to build on were Printers, Lumsden, and the 2 backup QBs although we all know there are others like Setta and McKay Loescher. But changes are coming.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Marcel did a fine job. His achilles heal was his cold way of dealing with players that didn't fit his mold and his reluctance to force Taafe to restructure his coaching staff.

He cleaned house, which was needed and he locked up some studs. He just should have kept his yap shut and made some more pressure moves (i.e. coordinators)

Beatlejuice you are way off base. Captain Kirk is right on a lot of points. I'm glad Dejardins had the Gonads to chop dead weight and locker room cancers from the mix.

But in the end he had to go.

Marcel has an ego and Mitchel was his boss. Your boss says its not the intention of the team to rebuild at the cost of sacrificing a season. Marcel does exactly that, tears down the team and finds maybe 3 or four keepers? and then people say the fact they wont have to rip it apart next year is due to the great work of marcel? If marcel would have kept last years team and added his few finds from this year we would have maybe already been on the way with 7 or 8 wins, maybe more. Most of the losses were because we lacked veterans who had won before at his level and those are exactly the players he shipped out, plus he hired coaches that dont know the cfl game. That was his undoing, his ego, to prove he could build it himself from scratch. Its not what he was instructed to do so he got axed.

Beatlejuice you are way off base
thats beetlejuice thanks. and in the fan interview mitchel said it was NEVER the intention to sacrifice a season to rebuild and that is exactly what marcel did. listen to the interview, its right at the start of it. so the axe swung, thats sports. [url=http://www.fan590.com/mediaplayer/audioplayer.jsp?mediaFile=http://qml.quiettouch.com/files/radio/fan590/hotaudio/scottmitchell-bp-20071105.mp3]http://www.fan590.com/mediaplayer/audio ... 071105.mp3[/url]

If he listened to his boss he would still have a job.

I’m surprised to read here that Mitchell said that Marcel was not to blow up the team.

IIRC, Marcel was espousing that very strategy as soon as he was hired and he was hired before Mitchell was (which was a whole other mistake) . Why wait over a season to start this whole thing of “He wasn’t supposed to blow it up”. Where’s this coming from all of a sudden?

he said it on the fan, the link above, thats where I got it from.

Oh, I don't doubt your word. I'm wondering why Mithcell is saying it NOW when Marcel was touting that from day one.

Beetlejuice... as John Candy and Joe Flaherty used to say...the Ticats needed to be "blowed up reeeal goood!" This team had more problems than a fly without wings when Dejardins arrived. If Mitchell didn't like Marcel's moves then he should have fired Dejardins right away. Don't sacrifice the season said Mitchell? The season was over by game 4. More than Dejardins is to blame. As far as I'm concerned it's now Mitchell's turn to go too!!!!!

I could care less that Marcel is gone, but I'm glad he raveged the landscape before he left. Worse GM ever...no...best impression of a WWII Japanese fighter pilot, yes. He committed career suicide for the team and we appreciate it!

He hired Coach Taaffe after some serious consultation with the owner and a few others from the football side.

Coach Taaffe hired his own assistants. At the time it looked good!

It didn't work out! If Scott Mitchell had hired Marcel...he would be gone today as well. As it stands right now, Scott is about to put "his guy" in the office and "his guy" will decide if Coach Taaffe stays or goes.

Make no mistake about this...Scott Mitchell will not accept anything but a winning season and neither will our owner. ( let alone us fans ) :wink:

Worst GM???...I don't think so...but the best GM, just like the best players, the best President and the best owner, deliver a championship team.

It's up to us to be the best fans, so cut the "BS" about the support and the "season's tickets" because without us there is no team. Give it time! :thup:

i bet this topic gets deleted... seems like whenever a bunch of us dislike something the topic goes MIA

but i do agree, marchell was terrible

Great post Woody.

I think GM Desjardins was inexperienced and it showed.

They are calling him a likable and personable character in the news media. That may or may not be true. However, from my perspective, he seemed arrogant and that certainly was not very likable.

I know that a few former players have ill wishes for him, so just based on that, I would say his firing is a good move.

Mitchell indicated in his press conference that the President should hire the GM . The GM the coach. Anything else is disfunctional. I agree with that.

Marcel knew that the organization needed to be retooled.He knew that an experienced coach was required. He also knew that this was not a one year process.

Creating a winning program requires patience and skill. It requires great recruitment systems and intelligence. Mitchell wants to win now who doesn’t
Marcel chose the difficult route and paid the price.
Bob is great but hiring the GM than the President was completely out of sequence. It could only have ended in this way. I think Desjardins is the fall guy and I think he will land on his feet.

Captain Kirk’s post was right on the money.

Captain Kirk's post was right on the money.
AGREE 100% ... which EXPLAINS why I have not felt COMPELLED to add anything.

In a NUTSHELL, as SO MANY things WITHIN an organization are ... this was LARGELY a POLITICAL, or EGO Driven decision made by a man, who - simply put - COULD make the decision.

The BOTTOM line, for the fans atleast, is that Marcel DID what was NEEDED and has put the team on a FIRM FOUNDATION for future SUCCESS.