Worst franchise in the history of the cfl

Bar none. I'm sick of it. Done with this team.



Keep throwing your money at them. It makes you smart.

I thought you were done


I can post. Posting is free. I will not put a dime into them.

I wonder if Hamilton will finish last this year, do nothing with the draft pick, keep all the coaches and release any player that has talent?

It's the TiCat way! OSKEE LOSE LOSE!

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out...you obviously have forgotten the Argos and Als of the 60's and the Lions of the 50's...not even CLOSE to the worst in the history of the CFL...but hey, you obviously don't know your football


Check the records. I mean COMBINED! No team is worse than Hamilton. How many winning seasons? I'll wait while you learn math.

But hey...its ok. 4 wins is a pretty good season in Steel Town according to "real fans". Lots to look forward to! Time to renew those season tickets! GO BOB GO! 5 year plan, baby!!!!

I'll wait while you learn to read...


Since 1972 ( the end of the high water era of this team), the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have a won/loss record of ...50 years...

358 Wins...478 Losses...

We're a losing franchise with a losing culture regardless of ownership...


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What are the records of the other teams in the league?

Second place... that's what all teams strive for.

You're absurd.

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If I recall, the "5 Year Plan" was to bring consistent CHAMPIONSHIPS to the city NOT appearances...


See the above post. It has been a LIFETIME of terrible except for TWO years.

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Bob Young's shoe shine crew cannot grasp the obvious...

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Who cares??

Of what team are you a fan of???

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You're absurd...Winnipeg went 22 years w/o winning...now they have...this team has had the chances and needs to learn to take the next step...

Why do you care enough to post?