worst fans in the CFL

I'm sorry but the worst fans in the CFL are the fans of the stamps and eskimos, they are really cocky and some of the fans are rednecks because I attended one of the stamps games and I was treated so bad because of my skin color, it was a total disgrace, thats why fans in vancouver and toronto are more friendlier because they are multicultural societies unlike calgary, i know not all people are like that but these selected fans in calgary are very racist and cocky.

......hey, I'm sorry that you received treatment less than becoming from some fans you may have been around while attending a game here, but I take great offense to your blanket broad stroke at the citizens of Calgary and Edmonton.....I've never met you but you are basically saying I'm a rasist, which by saying so makes you a rasist.....pretty dumb eh?.......

.........perhaps you'd like to elaborate on your concern before spouting this kind of crap off in a public forum?.........

I am Stamps fan and while attending my first game here in Calgary I was sitting minding my own business and enjoying the game like the rest of the people but there was this constant feeling not just a feeling but people were staring at me a giving me these odd and uncomfortable stares and than further on during the game I was taunted and hollared at which was so bad that I had to leave the game during the 3rd period but what seemed so odd was that it was only me being taunted at and my girlfriend wasn't, look i know that not all people are racist in calgary and edmonton but attending this game really hurt me and my judgement on people. So than I attended an Agros game and it was great i wasn't constantly stared at like I was in calgary, anyways thats why i have this resentment towards stamp fans because of this incident.

I don't know if it's fair to make a sweeping judgement and hold so much resentment based on one situation, Bertuzzi. It's good that you recognize not all people are racist, and I'm truly sorry that you went through an ordeal like that - if I ran the world, there would be none of that going on, let me tell you. . .however, if I lived in either of the two cities you targeted, I would have been greatly offended by your generalizations also.

.......why didn't you speak to a security staff person?.......if your personal safety was threatened you don't have to put up with that, a bunch of rowdy drunks can be pitched out pretty easy.......I feel badly that this incident has turned you off enjoying what should be a pleasant and safe event, and the staff at the Stampeder Head Office would be even more concerned as this is absolutely not tolerated, anywhere, anytime.........maybe you should call them and voice your concern over what happened, I'm sure they would listen and hey who knows, maybe some free tickets would be in order.....

......but to get along in the world the idea is to be open and accepting of others......it's a two way street friend......using words like 'redneck' doesn't make you look so rosy-clean.....to come on here and say the stuff you did isn't right either is it?......as an example, below is a list of the cultural associations that have organizations in Calgary and their members call it home and our city is richer for it:

Cambodian (Khmer)
East INdian
Latin American
Sri Lankan

Boy, sounds pretty multicultural to me........

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,........................Danish (drool).

.....especially if her name is Heidi.........

I use to think it was Riders fans but for the past couple of years, it's gotta be Eskimos fans. They're cocky and rowdy and just plain old go overboard. I know people are gonna say you can't generalize all fans but I'm just telling it from my point of view. I've been to tonnes of Lions/Esks games at Commonwealth and BC Place and even the West Semi Finals at Commonwealth and Esks fans are just ridiculous.

Stamps fans are pretty good. Loyal and friendly. Haven't had any problems with them whatsoever. Always have a good time at McMahon and BC Place with Stamps fans. See you guys in a few days.

Riders fans are just passionate but are harmless.

.........harmless because of lack of teeth.......

I'll have you know I have all my own teeth. . .

I got 2 questions for you T.B. , first off why didn't you put this into the Stampeders forum ? and are you the real Todd Bertuzzi?

You are right, Lionbacker, the Eskimo fans are over the top... I always have a great time at our games. . . as do (hopefully) the other 36,999 fans.

Bertuzzi, I'm sorry if you have had a horrible experience in a Calgary game (is there also an Eskimo game? You threw the comment out there, I just would like to know). I would be glad to have you sit next to my buddies and I at an Eskie game, no matter your sex, creed, religion, skin-color, dogma, etc.

Name your section and your seat, and I will come get you. I guarantee that nobody will disrespect you, unless you are wearing a BC uniform, and as long as you don't start yelling "Ricky Ray sucks"... even myself and my frightening bouncer friends cannot protect you from the gas chamber on that one. (they do the work, I like to think of them as the O-line, I just deliver the flying elbows and the gas-pedals.)

In all seriousness, we are cocky... but as far as I've seen, it's all in fun. If you want a ribbing, come to the game in a Kent Austin jersey (or Nealon jersey, haha)... you should never, ever, ever get a "ribbing" for being perceived as different in any way that isn't related to football rivalries. :twisted:

Lionbacker, I also proposition you to join my friends and I in the next match-up that you come East to Commonwealth (you sure seem jaded towards us!!). I could certainly use an away fan's perspective, and hey, I wouldn't mind helping to change your opinion of Eskies fans as well. We're fun, we arrogant, but --- my boys and I sure can drink a lot... and have fun!

I have to say I enjoy the BC/Sask games. Rider fans are everywhere...I gotta wonder where they come from! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think most fans at the games are going to be just fine, though you will always find a few that are idiots. Like last year at BC Place, where almost every game had some idiot running across the field. Once the stadium announced $10,000 fines for anyone doing that, it stopped pretty damn quick...

Why are you targeting Edmonton??? I didnt see any reason, I hate to say this kinda of stuff but i really think people make this crap up just to stir the pot and cause conflict. You call people Rednecks!! Come on, and for the love of god there are no " periods " in football! You must of looked like a real man to your girlfriend after a bunch of losers make fun of you, then you get up and leave, and cry... ( i added cry but im sure it happend ) All im saying is dont call Esks fans racists rednecks and the worst fans in the CFL because of something that happend in Calgary! And please, ive been to Calgary many times, its a very nice city, super diverse and multi-cultural, much like Edmonton.

[b]Yeah they were probably making fun of you because you called it the 3rd period instead of 3rd quarter :lol: Just kidding :wink:

Seriously though, that's horrible that something like that happened to you. It blows me away that people are still like that, yet at the same time, it doesn't really surprise me. You can't generalize it to one group of fans though. It just depends on who you are sitting near. Perhaps if you sat in a different section at the Toronto game (where you say everyone was nice) someone might have said something derogatory to you. There are some in every province unfortunately. Luckily there are a lot more people who could give a lesser crap about the colour of your skin.

I hope that something like that never happens to you again though. :slight_smile:[/b]

Sorry to hear about your incident TB. I've had the opportunity to travel to McMahon and Commonwealth over the last few years and found the home town fans in both cities great and fun. I especially noted how Prairee people in general are much more friendlier.

Bad apples in every city? I don't doubt that. I've been at BC Place where some of the "Clowns" I've seem have been an embarrasment. I wouldn't tar and feather all the Calgary and Edmonton fans. Perhaps you need another trip to meet the real ones.

R& W...Supertoe...Time to take TB to your pregame parties and set him straight!

this topic is opinionated. and the FEW fans that was at the Lions/stamps game on the 29th of july could say the leo fans are bad. and for the most part SOME are, i brought 4 buddies out from calgary here to the game in van, and 2 of them were walkin up the stairs and a leo fan dumped beer on them, i thought that was out of control, but i have been to many cgy/bc games in calgary, and i agree with T B, calgary and edm fans are too cocky, even though i cant wait for fridays game all i hear is that cgy is goin to school the lions. or when i was inside cowboys downtown calgary after the leos won vs edm, many told me that Lions suck. LETS SEE STAMP FANS WHO IS 6 and 0, and who is 3 and 3, and why is it you can only beat the weaker teams??? i thought that CANADIANS were FRIENDLY ppl from west to east??? forget that. its sad when we cant even treat eachother great. good on you all for cheerin on your teams. but why run someone down cause they wear orange? or green or blue? to be honest. i use to like the stamps. but the fans ruined that for me. i do live in calgary, and i PROUDLY wear my orange jersey and my lions pullover jacket. i can take the BS that these red and whites give me. cuz my team is havin a great season, i look forward to see it last to 10 and 0 and i think we are the ONLY team in the CFL that is ALLOWED to be cocky. we have the home and away WINS to prove it. but like the team, i take it one game at a time. cuz lets be honest. good things like this dont always last.

lionsfan12, it's nothing personal, but I have several issues with your post.

Firstly, fans don't determine your like or dislike for a team - you do. Don't say "the fans ruined that for me", because you are basing your decision on the actions of only a few people. I submit the majority of fans throughout this great country act much to the contrary of the situations you've outlined.

Secondly, there is a fine line between being cocky and being confident. Confidence brings about the appearance that one has faith in one's own abilities and is proud of one's past accomplishments. Cockiness implies conceit - a trait which few people admire. Do the Lions and their fans have the right to act confidently? Absolutely - but to suggest that they are the only team in the CFL that is allowed to act as such is arrogant. Every team - yes, even Hamilton with their 0-6 record - has every right to be proud of their strengths this season. It just so happens that BC's accomplishments are more obvious to the average Joe.

Thirdly, this is a forum where people are encouraged to air their own opinions. Your suggestion that this topic is opinionnated is redundant, unnecessary, overstating, uncalled-for, unneeded. . .I think you get my point.

I do agree that fans of all teams should be afforded the opportunity to wear their colours - and proudly. It is too bad that some people allow the actions of a few obnoxious fans to scar their outlook. I think everyone should try to remember that the possibility exists for any visiting team fan at any venue across the country to be the target of some gentle (and not-so-gentle) ribbing; it makes no difference which stadium a person is in.

jm02 for starters i was 14 years old back then, i started off being a lions fan hen i was 11 years old, and just CUZ i was a calgarian, when i went to games in calgary i cheered on the red, but i just snapped when i went to a game in 95 vs the lions. even last year. the fans at the aug 14th game last year did nothing BUT be rude to the fans in black/orange. i said that it is someones opinion to say what city has the poor fans. ffs man, some ppl ruin it for everyone else at home. many ppl in my section i find pick on the fan from the other city.
secondly your statement of Don't say "the fans ruined that for me", because you are basing your decision on the actions of only a few people.... thats about 100 or so ppl at the staduim in calgary like i said i was fourteen years of age when this happend. i was just sick of seeing it at games. and now that i wear the orange. i get the odd rude comment,
listen jm02 and for anyone else that finds my prev post offensive, jm02 is right its the odd one or three ppl that will sour things. but not when its a few hundred in the close sections at the game that gives the visting fan a hard time. for the first quarter sure, but honestly give it a rest. why do the home fans feel that they need to bash someone else cuz they are wearing a differnt colour jersey, the odd chance. that fans team has a better record. even after the game. most fans need to watch what they say, cuz even when a team hands the lions a loss, we are still leadin the league in the standings. as for me, im cocky after the game. but i will always say i look forward to a great hard fought game. and when we play vs the stamps, i HOPE its goin to be a killing for us. but i dont bash the stamps. or the esks, or any other team. thats someone elses team. i dont say they suck or anythin of the sort. and it offends me when someone says that the lions suck. hell even when the NFL starts up i know that my cowboys arent the best team in the NFL but im a PROUD cowboy fan...anyays. all i mean to say was that THOSE stamp fans that i sit around, showed me what a stamp fan is all about, and sure your right. not all stamp fans are like that. a few of them at cowboys i talk to even admit that the lions are a great club. and they dont ride my butt about wearin a jersey, and even he says that hes sick of most fans. mind you im not a FULL stamp supporter back then. i just went to cheer on a home team. i will never turn away the orange. im proud to be a leo fan. always have and always will, they represent a great team. a great city...