Worst Excuse for Losing a Game

My least favourite excuse:

"The opposing team never beat us, we beat ourselves."

That is weaker than weak. Weak at Best.

That essentially means that a highschool football team could have came in against a pro team and won.

Any loss will always be a result of the winning team doing things that caused a loss.

if only it were that simple.

Or,how the rules in the last 3 minutes are not fair. When your team is losing.

"We did everything possible but win the game"

I swear I heard a coach say this once, a long time ago: "They scored more points than we did."

But coaches who blame the officials are the worst! Dave Ritchie was notorious for that when he was with the Bombers. All it does is give your players an excuse for playing badly: just blame the ref!


I hate it too. There's often something like "Not to take anything away from the other team, but..." in there too. How can you NOT take something away by saying that??

1996 US Mens 4x100 relay:

“We achieved second place”

Braley was at least honest with his comments regarding the Leos/Stamp game on Friday.

...worst excuse, ummmmmm......"that grass field was terrible, all chewed up and the home team had the advantage of knowing what footwear to use"....

Easy . . . Arland Bruce in the 2006 playoffs accusing the referees of being racist (and conveniently ignoring that many Alouettes were black as well, but why let facts get in the way of a good rant).