Worst Ever CFL Owner

Now that the short lived Stern/ Father in Law era is over in Montreal. Lets discuss all of the short term owners in the CFL.
The most successful short term owners were Jim Sperios, and Sid Guchie. After that, pretty much all of them were abysmal or even outright criminals like Larry Ryckman and Bruce McNall.
Murray Pezim saved tbe Lions and even got a lengthy puff piece in Sports Illustrated, before ceeding to another short term owner, in Bill Comrie.
Who can forget the owners who walked away from their teams, like Horn Chen, Sherwood Schwartz, The Gliebermans, Nick Mileti, Nelson Scalbania. Them there was Fred Anderson, who tryed as he might, was also a failure.
Billionaire owners Fred Smith and Art Williams who were one and done.
To me the worst owner ever was Federik, forcing a concussed Dunnigan to play his son.
Who can forget Bruce Firestone, and Charles Brofman.
So many owners and hundreds of millions of dollars later, I guess this Stern dude wasnt the worst.


To me, Federik was the worst because of the nepotism involved. At least the other failed owners tried to improve it's team without DNA attachments

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Yep, Federik gets my #1 vote too, that was definitely paper bag era at McMahon…

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Pretty crazy that there was an owner worse than Nelson Scalbania, or the Gliebermans, but Federik would be it.
The fact Dunnigan never worked before or after in any CFL coaching or management capacity proves to what extent he would go to to put his boy on the field.


gotta be Feterik, but thats a stamps fans pov. hahaha. lets buono go and gives dunigan a raw egg to work with. just so his son could have a qb job and he wasnt bad actually. but that group did find nik lewis. or dunigan did.

The guy literally bought the team so
His son had somewhere to be a professional QB. Then he drove away the best coach the team ever had (and a local legend to boot).
Almost killed the franchise overnight

Skalbania had the distinction of driving not one, but TWO franchises into bankruptcy. That takes effort

Glieberman was worse than Skalbania
Ruined Ottawa's first team (who did eventually fold)
Killed Shreveport expansion team (fold)
Then (somehow) returned to Ottawa and killed the second team (fold)

The only fanbase in the CFL who could possibly cheer for him were the green Rider fans who not only got to keep the name but were given Kerry Joseph + a Grey Cup as a cherry on top

3 dead franchises + helping out the competition?


Great points. The Gliebs were certainly inept at running football teams but in their defence at least they “tried” to make a go of it, where Skalbania tried to Worm his way into the NFL by driving the existing CFL franchise into the ground first. (Kinda like MLSE now? , maybe?) :upside_down_face:


Don’t know why Norm Kimball doesn’t get more flack as being a bad owner as he took Charles Bronfman’s money that was supposed to go to running the Alouettes for the 87 season, and promptly folded the team right before the season was supposed to start, and left players literally stranded at the airport without a way to get home. He was never heard from in CFL circles again, and to this day nobody knows what happened to the money either

Yet somehow they had twice as many fans attending games as now. Makes you realize how much TSN has screwed the league over in the last 20 years with their wacked out scheduling. For instance the game tommorrow in Regina used to start at 1pm, now because of TSN it starts at 5pm. Fans driving from Winnipeg wont get home until 3am now instead of 11pm like they did for decades.

That’s awful. Similar complaints have come from Hamilton where the game used to be an afternoon affair with plenty of families packing the stands, then they moved the game to be the late game causing the game to end into the evening on what is essentially a school night for kids. Not the greatest situation for sure in either city.

they have to give all the churchgoers time to go out to Sunday brunch

Also I heard about all those wild sat night prairie windigs that cause people to be hung over till early afternoon

Its 130 am and I wont even start my hungover tol game time


We got good nortern lights though


What was the name (escapes me now) of Feterik's sidekick who used to run up and down the sidelines during games? THAT guy was a total disgrace for the Stamps franchise. Made Lonie Glieberman look like a true CFL fan.

Fateri. And Bob Ackles had nothing nice to say about him in his book.

I don't think MLSE is trying for the NFL - there is no path forward for NFL expansion - That said I really think they are still working another angle -

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Yeap.. Fatnuts Fred Fatari


Not a short term owner but I nominate this guy. Besides engineering the Etcheverry/Patterson trade, Workman tried to get his players involved in a religious cult.