Worst Defense in the CFL = B.C Lions

i know but then if the defense gives up 44 points in the second halfs…it really loses momentum

...2 plays our defense give up almost 95 yards...this is embarrisng

No, the Leos played well tonight, very well.

Agreed hw. They finally played the whole game, and the defence was pretty solid tonight for the most part. Banks had some problems with Lewis, but that was the only thing that really stood out in my mind.

Much better kickoff return coverage too - their poor coverage was really annoying me in the first five games.

.....I know my team played like cr@p but congrats to the Lions for taking full advantage of the situation.....your D was, as I had noted before, very good and we couldn't do much against them.....all round good job, no part was not working effectively.......you all should have no worries.........

As of now, BC is:
4/8 1st Downs against
5/8 Total Yards Against (Ham, Cal, Edm behind)
4/8 Avg Offence against per game
7/8 Rushing Yards against
4/8 Passing Yards against
2/8 Complete Passes against
1/8 Most interceptions
4/8 Fewest plays from Scrimage
5/8 Points against per game
2/8 Most QB Sacks
5/8 Fewest TD's passing against
8/8 Fewest Rushing TD's against
7/8 Total fewest TD's against

Passing Defense seems to be in the middle
Rushing Defense leaves a lot to be desired

Interceptions and turnovers are one of the most important stats and thats what has made this d pretty solid in terms of overall D.

Maybe the Stamps D= Worst in the league? Look at all the points they given up in the past 3 games.

Anyways I really like the way Miles has played back their in the secondary, and hes 34! Or 35! I think. The Lions could use another linebacker and an interior lineman though.

I think the D has played a lot better in the last few games Go Loins!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Kidd had a great game against the Stamps!!

Our D is great

Where's the clown who started this topic after the Winnipeg game??? lol

Go Loins?

:lol: :lol:

Good to see the Lions D has stepped it up in the past 4 game. The D worried me after the first few games but it looks like they are coming together now as a unit.