Worst Defense in the CFL = B.C Lions

..yes it's true ...they look awful....on everything

worst defence in the cfl ... um no - if you say that your obviously not a fan and just think you are. maybe they had an off night 2-2 isnt bad for early in the season 8) think about it before u talk..or type

I don't know about the worst, in fact, I would disagree with that. But after EE got theri butts handed to them by Winnipeg, the Leos should have beaten EE badly...not lost to them.

little do you know tht was a lucky win by the bluebombers..kinda like when hamilton beat us 46-14 last year then we went and win the grey cup hmmm

I wouldnt calla 30 point win a "lucky" win, a 7 point win is a lucky win.

How much longer is BC planning to go with Carl Kidd at LB? Last week Ricky Williams ran over him for a TD - - this week Troy Davis ran over him for a big gain. Having your LBs get steamrolled by RBs is never a good thing. And that's not to mention the tackles he misses every game.


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If thats what you have to tell yourself at night to sleep fine… but don’t try and pass that crap off on us… we actually know the game of football… and a 36 point win is never a “lucky” win.

Well said, and in your face Rawnotsorookierickyray.

It's pretty obvious that everyone except for Ray, Tucker, and Mitchell, DIDN'T show up for that game. No one looked like they were trying, and I don't expect to see a loss that bad anytime soon by the esks(that was the worst the esks have lost in 7 years!).

The "werent trying" excuse is the stupid excuse high school kids give when they get a bad mark, so be original, or accept that your team s*cks.

I dont think BC has the worst defense. They are about 3 others with worse defenses.

Don’t matter what the reason was… it was still an ass kicking and it was in no way a “lucky win” for the bombers as rawricky whatever the hell his name is claims.

I know. The esks got outplayed completely, in nearly every aspect. But do you honestly think we'll see anything like that from them again this year? I sure as hell don't.

i don't know... we might... we might not.. we can guess about what we might or might not see in future games all we want... that doesn't mean we will be right... only time will tell. But to be honest... i can see it happening again... just like i can see every team getting thumped like that... thats what makes the CFL great.. on any given day any team can blow any other team out.

I say we get some statistics involved, but im too lazy to get them someone else do it. then we can compare

I think the weakness in our defense is at Linebacker. As someone pointed out Kidd is getting on in years and he seems to have trouble on the run.

I really miss Barrin Simpson.

this should be official...29 points given up to SSK.....just a disgrace....the recievers were wide open...the running back was blasting through holes.....the QB has so much time to throw.....how many sacks did we get against SSK

....stats thus far in the league will show that the Lions are not the worst D....they are sitting in the middle of the pack for most categories and are near the top in others (most sacks, most INTs for instance).....While your D is a little soft (little, not a lot) on the run your secondary unit is top notch....in the pass happy CFL this should prove worthy over time....your team's biggest concern is injured receivers and virtually no running game......what the heck happened to Mr. Smith?...Wally and him not like each other?....he was a major factor in killing my Stamps in the second preseason game.....

I'd like to see Smith get a shot at the RB position. Somehow I think he'd end up doing better than Warren. I think Warren has become complacent after 3 years as #1 RB.

Red&white is right , defence isn't really the problem . It's offence in the second half . They go two and out all second half and then what is the defence supposed to do ? They then get tired and go down hill . If the 'O' kept right on scoring like they do in the first half they'd keep the opposition playing catch-up while our 'D' would stay fresh and look much better .
Having said that our 'D' has given up some pretty bad drives when itn really mattered.

To me it seems our offence goes conservative with the big lead and plays not to lose instead of playing to win which never works.