Worst days in CFL?

[i]Yup. Most people don't know that the surface of the Earth is dynamic. It constantly moves and recycles itself. Johnny took a geology class in University and it blew his mind! :thup:

Another little known fact, what if we experience another Carrington Event like in 1859? A big enough solar flare, could wipe out all satellite communications and the Internet on Earth. This ain't a joke. Our little world is not as safe as we like to think... [/i]

[url=http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2011/03/110302-solar-flares-sun-storms-earth-danger-carrington-event-science/]http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news ... t-science/[/url]

I live in Vancouver, I've felt quakes. Yes, one day we'll have a major earthquake, and the state of the Lions will be that last thing on peoples minds. They may even have to miss a game or two. And yes, you're a paranoid nutbar.

Nutbar am I ?

Yes, because they only happen in Japan and New Zealand.
Never on the North American Pacific Coast.

Now let me guess.
You are not buying into the plate shifts, but you will follow the pied pipers ( Gore and Suzuki ) on all the global warming bs.

Also, you are aware that at one time Vancouver Island WAS attached to the BC Coast mainland right ?

BTW, do not read more into what I said. To suggest that I think the football is the main concern in a natural disaster is a stupid misunderstanding on your part.

I have family there. My concern would be them, other humans, animals , homes and business lost above all else.

Yep, I can see it now. It's 2029, B.C.Place hosting Bombers and Cats in the Grey Cup, each looking for their first title of the Millennium, game tied 1-1 at the 3 minute warning of the 4th quarter. All of a sudden the tsunami rolls in and the game is called off and BOTH teams have to wait another while again for their first taste of modern day victory, when it seemed a lock that one of them would finally break through in this game. :wink:


I agree with everything except JoAnne Polack she was actually very good and when the Gliebermans took over it was crap city .

Donald Crump was an OK guy and decent commish.

He was a CFL lover

I think he helped hold the league together in some tough times

What, so do you think there's anyone on the country over the age of say, ten, that doesn't know about plate tectonics? Really, lol. And you think that maybe your high education level means other people aren't aware that Van Isle was once attached to the mainland. Really? You're really something. You must be a genius.

So let's look at your original statement:

"That will be the demise of the BC Lions.
Not because of lack of fan support , marketing or poor ownership.
It will be because of BC Place Stadium ending up underwater."

So your main concern, the main issue facing the CFL is that a major earthquake is going to put BC Place underwater. Hahahaha. Let me ask you a question. When the major earthquake hit San Francisco during the World Series, where did the Giants and A's have to relocate to? Oh, they didn't have to move? In fact it was a serious event, but the World Series picked up 10 days later. You know what happens when tragedy strikes? You pick up, and carry on. The CFL has a lengthy list of issues to work on, this is not one of them.

Oh, and I see you're a climate change denier as well. Of course you are. Screw things like science and facts. You're the absolute definition of a "paranoid" nut bar.

WOW, I really got under your skin.
It has been a long time since I pissed somebody off here.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Glad to know I have not lost my touch.

Health , happiness and prosperity.

[i]ALWAYS be careful with Brian! He is a tricky dude who is often trying to pull a fast one on posters. :smiley:

But don't fret. He's a good natured trickster. :thup: [/i]

Crump was decent? He single handedly ruined the 90' Grey Cup by jacking the prices up to unreasonable levels that caused the more than half the stadium to be empty and the rest be given freebies just to paper the house.

Instead of helping the Ottawa Rough Riders in any serious way, he was obsessed with changing the name of Landsdowne Park to Frank Clair stadium.

Not to mention he was an old flunky of Harold Ballard

Polack was good? Wasn't she the one who cried poor to the league and then when teams paid to help keep the team afloat, she thanked them by signing their best players to lucrative free agent deals that nearly bankrupted the team a second time.

What EVM said.
If I was to rank them, I would put Crump on or near the bottom.

Myself , I always liked Michael Lysko.
I wish he had stayed around longer.

Polak was a good manager received good crowds , atmosphere was good and actually managed to get a .500 team with a low budget group of owners .

Next to what we have now for atmosphere people enjoyed going to the games there were tons of flags waved thru the stands and people really enjoyed the few times we won . Lot of us oldies remember the bonanza theme and Hawaii five o theme after touchdowns and before 2014 it was probably the last time I enjoyed going to the games in Ottawa .

For her limited experience and lack of cash from a group of owners who did not have the sustainability to pay the bills she actually performed well enough for the circumstances . So NO I would not put her on the list she deserves better especially after the Gliebermans destroyed the atmosphere the very next year starting game one.

Dan Burke - A Game of Survival - Macleans - 14-08-1989
It was a typically embarrassing moment for a team that has become used to public mockery. Fifteen minutes before the Ottawa Rough Riders were due to start their first home game of the 1989 Canadian Football League (CFL) regular season July 19, the box office ran out of tickets to accommodate about 1,500 fans. As a result, the Rough Riders’ new general manager, Jo-Anne Polak—a 30-year-old marketing executive recruited to save the debt-ridden team—told her staff to let the fans into Lansdowne Park free, even though that meant forgoing almost $20,000. Said Polak, who became the first woman ever to manage a North American professional sports franchise when she took over the Rough Riders in December: “The first principle of business is kind service.
If I had to do it again, I would.?

Pretty hard not to like her she was an under dog with a too big of a task but knew customer service is number 1 .