Worst days in CFL?

In your opinion what are the worst days the CFL were ever in?

Expansion to USA?

86 folding of Montreal?

Renegades failure?

Do you have another?

The day the league needed the NFL to save it from bankruptcy.

Commissioners statement today regarding USA and mostly pointed at Trump. :thup: :thup:

2003 was a bad time. Argos and Cats both bankrupt, both averaged something like 15k fans a game (Hamilton was understandable, who wants to watch probably the worst team in CFL history?) but the Argos were competitive so 15k was pathetic.

Even with Doug Flutie and a Grey Cup victory the Toronto fans did not fill the seats.

The first week or two of December, every year. :wink:


The ONLY team making money was Edmonton and we were a blink away from folding.

For some on the Als site it seems the day we traded Ethan Davis to the Tiger Cats for Brian Simmons. :frowning:

But on a personal level it was when the Als folded during pre-season 1987. I defected to the NFL, the Bills in particular, and it took until 1998 to get me back on CFL and Alouette track.

Stamps 95 Cup loss. I will never get over it.

Ottawa folding 2 x.

Montreal folding 2 x

Ottawa RR dropping the Black and Red and switching to Gold helmets and Red jerseys.

2009 13 th man screw up. There was no excuse for that.

85 Cup in Montreal.
Miss Concorde was given the Miss Grey Cup title. FIX WAS IN AND SET
Some 2 bit hack lounge singer from Montreal was given the nation wide talent half time award. FIX WAS IN AND SET.

[i]Montreal folding twice? They folded in 1987. Before that they had played every season from 1949-1986.

Are you counting the 1982 Alouettes switch to Concordes as folding?[/i]

[i]Worst day in the CFL.

When Henry Burris wore a bra... :frowning: [/i]


1992 Grey Cup in Toronto......I had been to many in the past that Toronto had hosted and it was always a good time. I can still remember heading from Hamilton to the Big Smoke early on the Friday afternoon to stay at my sister's place for a weekend of partying and revelry!!!Once I arrived it was off to Yonge street in the evening in search of the "hoopla" associated with Grey Cups past. Right from the beginning I noticed there were no signs (I mean absolutely nothing) around or anything else to let you know that Toronto was hosting the national championship game. The people walking Yonge street were the normal everyday crowd that you would see on any given Friday night in downtown TO with no signs of any football fans that you would have witnessed during the '70's and 80's. I remember thinking is this the beginning to the end of my beloved CFL. After I had dinner, I walked back to my sister's place, jumped in my car and headed back home to Hamilton. On the Sunday, I drove back to Toronto to attend the game and thinking that this was probably the worst time as a fan of the CFL.


Continually not having our 10th Atlantic franchise…

That is right Johnny.

The original Als folded in 82.
It was nice they were able to scramble and put together the Concordes.
It was great when they changed the name to Als in 86, but they were 2 different franchises.

The 82 Concordes kept only about 12 or 13 players from the original Als.

BTW, when the Stallions moved to Montreal they had 17 players. Just to compare.

The Als failed in 82 then replaced by the Concordes, they failed in 85 and then the "new" Alouettes were started up for the 1986 season, but ceased operations the day before the 1987 season was due to start.
So you could say that they failed 3 times.

But the 90s were bad, expanding to the US to try to generate some money. Ottawa folding in 96, all of the US teams folding. I remember the "save the Ticats" campaign around 95 or 96, attendance was terrible and the Ticats were close to going under. The 96 Grey Cup in Hamilton was a disaster with Tim Hortons giving away seats.

Wow. How far we have come.

The CFL is always 2 steps forward, 1.5 steps back. But all those HALF step gains have added up over 20 years and we're doing quite well.

The 90's were the worst decade for the CFL over all but the early 2000's were rough . The worst year was 2003 . The Ti-cats and Argos were both taken over by the league and it felt like it was over . They brought back the Gliebermans in 2005 for Ottawa in the WTF CFL leadership files . The Renegades played one more season and they were gone in 2006 without any rescue like Tor or Ham received . The later half of the decade was better .

Over all the CFL is improved where profits are attainable and there is possibility the CFL has grown up with new stadiums . There is much more for the CFL to accomplish like a 5 th eastern division team and the Canadian QB to get a fair shot at playing in the CFL . They also need to feed the hunger for new tech like live feeds for non cable , better exposure for over the air channels and diversify it's product's distributers , a CFL game and lastly fill the seats at the big three cities .

Over all the optics and future looks good let's hope they move forward with projects and not stagnate and fall back on rescue economics again .

Well said. As I have said, if every CFL team made $1/yr/forever, I would be happy.

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