Worst coordinators ever!!

I really hope that Taaffe wises up and gets rid of these clowns. Coordinators are like the leaders of specific parts of the team and it's clear the players (especially on defense) have no confidence in that leadership. If O'Neil is going for a "bend don't break" philosophy it's not working, this D gets broken so much it's shattered beyond recognition. Offense is almost as bad, and the coaches have to be held accountable. Season is lost so letting them finish the year is no big deal, but I noticed Calgary just fired thier DC because the team was struggling. It sends a statement to the whole team that poor play is unacceptable. It's too bad, but Taaffe seems to be promoting the feeling that failure is OK and so they continue to fail.

We will see at least a new DC and OC next season. Probably someone currently on another CFL team. Taaffe needs the help - he is trying to do it all himself this season.

I Really think ONeil is fineā€¦

The Defence held us in this game
The offence may need a New OC

Paopao was a disaster.

Oh gosh. Was that offensive?

He was an Offensive Coordinator after all.