Worst Commentator- Walby or Schultz

Who is the worst commentator in the CFL? Is it Chris Walby, or is it Chris Schultz? Do you have another candidate who might fit this description?

i hate schultz he makes unprofessional and stupid comments

Walby.....The guy is just awful. Now that Chris Cuthbert is gone from CBC (he carried him) Walby just shows that he's a bag of hot air.

I'm sure that if you were to find Marty York in the booth, he'd steal away votes from both of these blowhards, but for now, I'll give the "most annoying" edge to Walby.

Walby and Shultz are both off the hook now that Elliot Freidman is coming in for Brian Williams. The CBC is brutal. It's like they don't even care about sports on that station anymore.

They don't....Thats why CTV got 200 Olympics. Heard a rumour that CTV aparently will go after CFL in 2008? Anyone else hear that one?

CTV getting the CFL in 2008 would seem to be a logical choice since they already have TSN under their umbrella. As for whether or not that will actually transpire, is yet to be determined.

I hope CTV does get it. Maybe the CBC will figure out what they had once it's gone. (Sorry, I was listening to Cinderella in the car today). It's the woman who runs the CBC now (I don't remember her name) she started it when she said she wanted to add more news to HNIC broadcasts and less hockey?

I wonder if she is a fan of Don Cherry? :lol: As for the worst CFL commentator , I voted for Walby, I enjoyed the games where the CBC on-air people were on strike, you didnt have to listen to his moronic statements!

I think its pretty much general knowledge that Nancy Lee (I think that's the femme Yeast was referring to) is not very big on Grapes. Some of those rants he's done has made her yank her hair out.

I'll add another.....Darren Flutie. He drives me nuts when he replaces Walby in the booth, constantly referring to the players by their first names. Like, is EVERY player a personal friend of his?? I'm sick of hearing "Damon made a good throw to Robert but a great defensive play by Reggie broke up the pass". Gag me with a spoon....

Thanks Mango, I can never remember her name.

I would want Flutie back in the booth only if Millington is there too. You can actually see the tension between those two. Every "discussion" those two have has potential to turn to blows.

I dislike most of the CFL analysts. Can all of the CFL analysts either on TSN or CBC, stop making love to teams like edmonton and montreal, and stop making love to damon allen plz! i heard even he is getting annoyed. what's wrong with the analysts is that they are very opiniated, they harp about their favorite teams constantly. and plz stop going out and getting every EX cfl player to be an analyst, i think the only one who wasn't in the cfl is the small weiner on tsn. start having cover stories on say winnipeg, or hamilton or saskatchewan, just not about the guys who pay your paychecks prob

But if i had to vote on the worst, it would either leif peterson from CBC, or jaques plante. WHO is this guy plante? now i have been following the CFL like a religion for roughly 7 or 8 years, post mike saunders Roughriders, but pre Shiv/Barrett regime. now who is this guy? did he do soemthing worth listening to in the cfl or is this kind of like a jamie stoddard of winnipeg, a second or third tier CFL player

Jock Climie is who I think you mean....not Jacques Plante. Climie was a receiver that played for Montreal.

Walby is the easy pick for me.

If the CBC was unable to hire a football commentator (and clearly they couldn't, so they hired Walby instead), they should have just picked some news or weather person who could speak english and was good at public speaking.

That way, they would know nothing about football, but at least would be pleasant to listen to - this way, they have someone who appears to know nothing and is also irritating to listen to. Listening to him really "flustrates" me!!

I like the Leif Pederson suggestion as a "backup" - he is quite poor as well (but he is no Walby).

I think Dunnigan is ok, but Climie, Flutie, and Schultz completely p*** me off!

And if memory serves me right, he also had a stint with the Argos as well, but the Als is where he earned most of his fame.

I LOVE WALBY best in the bussiness

Didnt he play with Ottawa?