Worst coach

I know the majority in Hamilton want Marshall out, I just wanted to know how cfl fans outside of the hammer feel about him.

Personally I think it is a joke that he was hired in the first place. The team is out coached in the second half of every game and his sideline tantrums are very childish, which shows he has poor people skills. The refs are more likely to have calls go against him out of spite, like the reversed Holmes fumble where the best angle to see it looked like it was shot from a drunken fan sitting in row 55 with an old 8mm camera. And the guy is always making excuses, I have never heard him say he's made a coaching error, or playcalling errors, it's always the players fault. Hopefully he'll be back coaching high school football soon.

Well i can way in on this because i have direct tv and watch all the CFL games now in the US. He can't help the stupid turnovers. Usually it whoever turns the ball over most loses and thats whats happening. It's still too early in the season to grade any coaches. Winnipeg could turn around and lose 5 straight. Hamilton has improved since last year. When Belichek started with the Patriots everyone was calling for his head, now if you did that you probably look pretty stupid.

Give him a chance, at least this year they are competing. It takes a while for an offense to jell.

There are two Canadian Head Coaches in the CFL. Marshall is one. Guess who the other one is? :roll:

Canadian Coaches don't win in the CFL....

Maybe we should make a rule that forces teams to have a canadian head coach if thats the case

Technically speaking there are four Canadian head coaches in the league (if you count 'the Don' in Montreal, who received his Canadian citizenship last year). Wally B. (in BC) seems to to a pretty good job winning. Danny M. (in Edmonton) while off to a rough start, is coming off a year where he lead his team to a Grey Cup.

So I disagree, Canadian coaches do win in the CFL.

CFL has enough rules and regulations without adding one that says teams need to have a Canadian coach.

Don is not Canadian he grew up a half hour away from me, in Amesbury, MA. In the city i live in Lowell, MA there are still people that think they're Canadian because there grandparents emigrated from Quebec.

There is a big painting on a side of a building in Lowell, MA, i should take a picture of it and post it.

"It's warmer in Quebec" with it looks like Quebec City in the backround, its obviously a French Canadian club.

Seriously it is too early to be an executioner! I think the Cats will come around. You remember there has been lots of changes and with a new QB it takes time.

Well he is a Canuck now, he became one last year.

If Don Mathews recieved citizenship papers than he is Canadian...if not he is American
Doesn`t matter where he grew up

I would like to know who all the people saying no think is worse than Marsh. I hope your not voting no just because he's Canadian, he may be Canadian but he is more of a ball contoll, play it safe nazi than most American rules coaches.

Canadians are just immigrants with seniority.

If you think Marshall was a bad head coach, ask us Rider fans or Winnipeg fans who watched their team last year and ask them who the worst head coach is, Jim Daley is by far the worst

Not entirely true! I do not know about you but I have three generations removed from being an immigrant!

he is simply the nameless one around these parts…never to be spoken of again.

Just because Don Matthews signed a couple of papers doesn’t make him Canadian. He’s American born and bread. You mean to tell me that NHLers that sign papers to become American citizens are American, no there Canadian. Canadian till they die. Lyndon Byers is technically American citizen, signed the papers, but he acts Canadian and still talks like one. If he thinks he is American in my mind that denying your heritage and where you came from

Just because people come to a country doesn’t make them part of there culture. They bringing there culture from a different country, and in my opinion doesn’t make them part of there new country.

I haven't heard any definites yet, but I do recall that Pinball was looking to get his Canadian citizenship a while back, so you can add him to the "Canadian" coaches list.

Who cares once american coaches get the gist of the CFL game there are great. Sure some Canadian coaches are good! What about the sugar plum fairy! Sure he won the GC but that was more Huey Campbell tinkering with the rules more so then howdy duties coaching.

No Don Matthews and Pinball wherther they do get Canadian citizenship are always going to be Americans. They were born, educated, and were brought up in American culture, that in my mind doesn't qualify them as being Canadians. A true Canadian is a person that was born, raised, and educated in Canada. Look at hockey players that become American citizens there not American, they act and are Canadians, you can't change that. So if i moved to Canada, sign a couple of papers, next thing you would consider me a Canadian. What if i didn't change watched Baseball, celebrated July 4th, and had a American flag outside my house. What i'am getting at paperwork doesn't qualify you for being Canadian or American.

Its about time Don Matthews became a Canadian citizen after all he is willing to work in Canada, he should be paying Canadian taxes. It took 27 years to do, my question is why so long? Same with Pinball, why so long?

I agree 100%, but he doesn't count because he is no longer employed to coach football in this league. Jeff Reinbold and John Huard don't count either.

How do you know this?