Worst Coach Ever!

What the hell?? Come on everyone under the age of 90 knows that there can be no egos in sport so you can change QB's at will....we needed a change so.o.o.o... many times tonight. There is nothing wrong with Masoli, except the lack of arm & the fear of running....with that front defensive line he should have run for 125 yds.....and the coaching...what a joke...I'm sure the OC has to be gone.!!..what the hell: .. the 1st down of the game for Hamilton happened in the 2nd quarter. "Zach you must save us"...what a combo...Collaros & Masoli...that old 90 year old so-called Head coach has to go back to the home...The way he coaches I can't believe he has coached in this millennium!!!

So, two wins and he is a genius, one loss, by essentially two botched plays, and he is a moron?

If we had scored on the last play and tied it with a two point convert, we likely would have pulled off the overtime.

D played well, cribbed together O was passable. Get a good night's sleep and things will look better in the morning.

But he,s nice and not mean or bossy like Austin and that,s what matters.

If we catch the last play (which was a brutal call) and we get the 2 which requires essentially 2 Tds on back to back plays we "likely" would have pulled it out?
Come on.

I can't believe we turned the ball over 5 times and were still in a position to tie the game on the last play of the game. Didn't like the final play call but tonight's loss is not on the coaching staff.

Sorry, but I disagree. Clock management and poor play calling at critical times killed us. We were playing the worst team in the west with their backup QB and Carter out early in the game.
How long until we got a first down? JJ lack of CFL experience almost cost us the first win and last week not a lot better. We luckily won those two games because of player grit.
Defence is a little better but they were on the field a ton.
Special teams coverage and blocking has been brutal all season and this I blame on Austin moving Rienbold to DC. Our new ST coordinator is not so Special.

Hamilton is not a bad football team. They took a good football team (Sask.) to the edge of town and almost pushed them to OT.
Real problem is you don't burn all your 6 remaining seconds w/ 1st and goal from the 1 on a deep drop and semi-long pass to a WR falling on his face - and still with a local clock operator they come within 1/2 a tick of getting another play.
The right play would have been to use their good o-line to push it in on the ground. Even if they don't succeed they get another shot where they can use any play they want.
Even if they score 6 - the 2 pt convert from the 3 is another matter entirely.
Sask'n has a good tight pass defense - with an above average d-line.

So the Ticats win 6 of their last 7 games - putting them to 8-10. Winnipeg is already at 8 wins, Edmonton will no doubt get to minimum 9 wins, same with BC. Sask needs to win more than lose down the stretch and they'll no doubt finish ahead of the bottom 2 (or 3) feeders in the east.

That said - even with Masoli's weak arm the Ticats are a better on-field product without Snack Collaros, Shovelface, Slimebold, etc.

I base that assessment on my observation that the defence had come together in the last quarter and were finally stopping the RR offence. As well, the offence was finally starting to click and making some yardage. Being at the game, I didn't have access to stats and detailed analysis from broadcast commentators, so have to rely on our impressions and observations. To me, the Cats were slow out of the gate, again, but were controlling play late. They weren't beaten as much as they lost. The ejection yardage cost them a TD given, and the late interception, a TD taken away. Together with the brutal last play, that would have been the game in our favour.

Of bigger concern to me than the last play, is that the Cats didn't get a first down until about half way through the second quarter and the number of poor passes from Jeremiah, and the number of dropped balls by Luke, CJ, and the Saunders kid. I don't have a problem with the earlier hitches and screens on second and inches, but I do have a problem with the terrible execution of those plays. Brutal.

And all those whiners calling for more CJ runs should be coming forward to explain how he couldn't put one foot in front of the other for most of the first half.

Finally, last week, after two wins, we were all crowing about how first place was a possibility, now, another loss and half the posts want Jones run out of town.

The coaches age has nothing to do with the lose and for all you piss and vinegar posters, your time will come. Yes I agree the play calling was suspect, however Jones is on a learning curve and has shown more imagination in three games than Austin showed in 12 straight loses. Jones is not the only problem with this team. I watched him last night on the side lines and he didn't look comfortable. Big changes will be forthcoming.

While we obviously have others here, who disagree with us Ti-Guy, that's the way I'd summarize the loss, too. A lack of proper execution of plays and basic fundamentals led to the turnovers which, no question, were the difference, and also to the failure to score on the final play. Without throwing anyone under the bus, Coach Jones confirmed the latter when questioned by the media, post game. They were so confident they'd have a wide open receiver, for a TD, it sounded like they'd also planned to run a variation of the same play on the 2-pt. convert attempt, which would have followed. I'd have to think Saunders failed to properly execute his route on that one.

A team that was routinely getting blown out by everyone has a chance on the last play of the game to put into OT and the voice says WORST COACH EVER.
Maybe a couple weak play calls but talk about the sky is falling reaction.
2nd and 2, sure you can sneak twice for 2 yards. You also might think that you can toss a ball for 2 yards or come back and get it on 3rd down. Not that bad of a call.
Relax, the team is competing again and will start getting some National bodies back soon which will really help.
Shorthill, Ted and Fantuz.

Not a dictator. Maybe play calls are made by consensus? Or maybe the players take turns calling them.

For example, on the last play of the game it could have been Saunders' turn to call the play.

He took the whole team out to Dairy Q last night and let them stay up late.

Thank you.

It looked to me like Saunders was open on the play, but either the throw was short or Saunders slipped getting to it. And had Tasker been open, the pass would have gone there first.

Personally, I'm thinking they should have gone for the sneak first, and then use the pass if they didn't make it. And perhaps that was down to Jones thinking American, forgetting that the clock is handled differently in the CFL.

Agree 100%, that's what they should have done. I really don't think June realized you can run a play at 0:00 in the CFL.

This thread is the worst thread ever.

He's not the worst coach ever. He's a coach that hasn't coached in the CFL for whatever it is 12 years or longer, I can't remember. Therefore we are going to have growing pains like it's pre-season. The problem is we had that game handed to us on a silver platter and we lost due to urr..growing pains. Unfortunately we don't have time to work through growing pains when you need to win every game or else. This regime doesn't seem to have much sense of urgency to win so I guess we've got what we got and should be lucky that we still had a chance to win. So unfortunately as the saying goes..it is what it is. As fan's, we deserved better the last year and a half but management doesn't seem to be in a hurry by their actions.

We handed them that game,
17 points off turnovers and another 7 points on spitting :-[, that accounts for 24 of their 27 points!
We battled back in the 2nd half and came up a couple seconds short. :-
And yes we were very lethargic with the clock. :frowning:

Maybe one day the Cats will play for the entire 60 minutes. They were just coasting most of the first half.

Boy it is tough being a Hamilton TC fan and employee; first KA is the problem, then it is the OL, D, and then ZC, now it is JJ.

He is 2-1, not bad if you ask me. Yeah, the game was boring as hell and a lot of the passes were in the mud, plus the receivers were dropping everything thrown to them; not the coach's problem.

I still think, as I stated in a previous post, that ZC should start against the Lions next game as JM is a backup and not a starter. ZC is a legit starter, he has just suffered under the scheme that KA was running.