Worst CFL Team of the decade

Losers plain and simple. Cortez was an awful 4-year commitment. Obilovich is useless, he must go immediately. Ranked to win the Cup by odds makers this year, we end up last. Congi is the only positive. For all you whiners who said Belfaille must go, nice one. Thanks Mr. Young, you have the heart, but you must replace the Argo in our midst (Obie).

Welcome to the forums.. Argo fan

Worst team? No.

Worst defence? Maybe

We are the Chicago Cubs...

Losers to the core...lol

I'm beginning to wonder if this "defence' is getting into record setting territory for being abyssmal??


Halfthedistance, not even close. I have been a cats fan longer than you've been alive. It's called sheer frustration at an abysmal season. How many times back to the drawing board.? I agree, defence, worst ever' but GM must go.

Would not be surprised. If anyone can find those statistics, I think there'd be a lot of people who would appreciate it.

We are actually the worst franchise since 73.

After the 72 Grey Cup win, this team has been bad.

We won the 86 Cup by pure luck. I believe we were 9-8-1.

We had great teams in 89,98 and 99. That's really it. Maybe another year or 2 with Danny Mac but after 99, we went down hill.

Other than the 4 years mentioned above, we have been terrible.

Halfthedistance, How can you say the 'Cats aren't the worst team of the decade? In the past 10 years every single team has been to the Grey Cup with the exception of Hamilton.

why keep it "of the decade" Im certain worst team in 20 years would still be in the window

chock us up to being leaf fans we bitch moan and whine but at the end of the day bad or not we still love our team. We were there in yester year were here today and will be tommorrow

We may have been 9-8-1, but we absolutely smoked Edmonton. There was no luck to that GC win.

It really was luck. We were lucky to get by Toronto that year. At one point in the second game of the East final, we were down 26 points at one point.

Against Edmonton, the defense stepped it up to another letter and the offense moved the ball very well.

It really was luck that we won as Edmonton was a 10+ point favourite.

I'm glad that we won but really we should have been destroyed.

My 1999 Grey Cup champion t-shirt is fading into oblivion. I can no longer wear it for fear it dissolves in the sunlight. Perhaps I will frame it.

8 teams divided by 13 years = 1.625 Grey Cups per team

This is 100% true...

1972 is the last year of the high water mark for this franchise...

Other than the years you mentioned (I believe we were 9-9 in '86),this team has been a study in abyssmal failure through succesive ownership groups.

The aura of this being a "tough team" mirroring a "tough town" is nothing more than a backdated cliche...This is a bad football team living in a culture of 4 decades+ of losing..The last 10 being the most acute...

We have been the sad sack of the League for most of my existence on this planet...We are like a college football program that never wins despite everything they try to do...

It should be mathematically impossible to be this bad for this long in a 9 to 8 team league,but we've achieved the mathematically impossible!!!