Worst CFL team logos?

You mean this one?!



The absolute best ...... Big Up

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I never liked Montréal's angry bird, and I think it looked terrible on TV as it was really hard to make out what it was unless you already knew. I love the new logo however.

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The new Montreal logo was one of the bright spots of the CFL lately .

Well thought out logo . Looks great .


I sort of recall a Tiger-Cat helmet, all black, with the TC initials in yellow on each side. The letters were squared off, and looked like they had been put on by a grade school art class, using yellow plastic tape. Always disliked that look.

Most league logos I have been okay with, to the best of my memory anyway.

We have a winner.

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That is not good.

Thanks for the explanation. Had no idea what it represented - it looked like a biohazard symbol😀


Just like their season turned into a biohazard, not making the playoffs.

At least they were a half game over Edmonton that year.:beers:

Cartoon anything is never a good look

Too bad they didn't take the field.

I guess they weren't concerned about the Dolphins then.

As an Ottawa fan - yes not the classic "R" but your reference to the Captain Crunch logo wasn't as bad as the Flaming "R's". That one was tough to take.


Changing colours away from the RED, WHITE, & BLACK was unthinkable too!

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As an old Carleton alum I'm kind of partial to red and black myself, but those flaming Rs are kind of reminiscent of the UofO's garnet and grey colours. So, it's looks as if they were aiming for a broader base with that.

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Speaking of Pirates; since OP allowed use of defunct teams I nominate the Shreveport Pirates as having worst logo in CFL history

The Rough Riders flaming R is a very close second though

Actually in retrospective; I think both are Glieberman teams lol
I swear this was not planned!

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This thing wasn't great...

While I loathe the Redblacks name, I give credit to the owners for approving the current logo.

I have to admit the Redblacks really grew on me
When it was 1st announced I had some very disparaging things to say
I agree bringing back the other Riders was done but assumed they would resurrect the Renegades

The fact Ottawa did so well is why I am willing to give the new name Esks a chance

I was in the stands for the Glieberman years. It was actually fun sometimes....
Toga nights and the like.


I never saw but I heard there was outrage over the $99 seasons tickets drives and the Mardi Gras beads nights

They would have done better running a strip- club. Not so good at the football...