Worst CFL team logos?

Maybe this has been done. If so, apologies. Just needed a break from reality.

  • Renegades
  • Concordes
  • Bc chess piece thing
  • Montreal cartoon bird
  • Other
    BC chess piece thing is my vote.
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Concordes didn't age well at all in life or on the field .

The colour scheme and the chess piece of BC was bad for a modern logo especially when BC had such good logos . Glad they changed back .

The retro one's and the older colour scheme were so good .


It's an "A" over a hole
It's an "A" Hole!


The Concords logo seemed a little too dainty...like they should be wearing pantaloons or pirate shirts.

Funniest thing of the day.

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bc chesspiece ???

I seem to have missed that one?

It was pretty recent....that’s how I saw it anyhow. Also thought it looked like a crappy low budget airline logo.
I’m not sure how to answer that question...maybe you missed it. ??

Even worse is that it's not an original logo/idea, the Lions ripped off the USFL's Michigan Panthers.

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You are good.

I kinda like that helmet. It's better than the cat paw prints helmet the Lions had a few years ago


Strike one. You only get two more.

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Get some glasses and a sense of style, Ump. That was a foul tip, LOL!

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Ten yards for goaltender interference.

He ran into me, sir. I have as much right to that ball as he does! LOL!

The old Montreal Concordes logo is, was and the worst design created of all time. I felt shame cheering the club on when they had the symbol going on. It was vomit inducing. Yuck! Glad to see it gone.

The BC Lion profile had a cool look to it though. If the BC team had a different color scheme, it might have taken off

Strike two my friend.

doesnt look much like a chess piece to me.

still, better than the paw.

Thought I had seen a 60s helmet that looked like a crown but couldn’t locate a photo. I did find this though - the 1971 BC Lion helmet logo. Not sure where they came up with this

For the 1971 season celebrating BC's 100 years in Confederation.

The logo is supposed to be a Pacific Dogwood Flower, BC's official flower.

The BC Lions "chess piece"/USFL Panthers one is dreadful. I also disliked the "Argos" spelled out logo that Toronto used briefly.

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I think that many of the logos of the US teams during the CFL's American expansion period were some of the worst I've seen. Texans , Mad Dogs, and Pirates spring to mind. Didn't like the look of the whole uniform of the Barracudas, especially the huge ugly "CUDAS" logo on the jersey.
As far as Canadian teams go - wasn't crazy over the Captain Crunch-like logo of the Ottawa RRs before they folded. Same goes for the Renegades.