WORST CFL Stadium?

We have a poll on here for the best... so now, let's have your opinion on the worst.

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Frank Clair Stadium (Ottawa), that should also be on the other thread as well.

....although I have never been there I have heard that watching a football game at the big O is quite terrible.....

People complained about the old Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, but that may have been for baseball games because many seats were pointed in the opposite direction of the action.

Personally unless you have been to every stadium, you have no basis to say which is the best or the worst

Seriously you have to wonder why someone would start a post like this! Did they have an afternoon talk with Kanga! :lol: :lol:

nah, Jetin07 and myself aren't speacking.

…considering this is a type-only forum, I’d say that’s a good thing…

Again I defer this opinion poll to Third & Ten and Lionbacker who have travelled the globe in search of good football.

From what I’ve seen on TV, the big Owe looks like a pretty miserable place to watch a game.
The only stadiums I’ve been to are McMahon, BC Place, and Commonwealth (though I was at Skydome for a Jay’s game). Those 3 were fine, and Skydome doesn’t seem too bad either.

I dont' care what the "atmosphere" is like at Molson Stadium. 20,000 seats is an embarassment to the league.

Definately Frank Clair stadium, Bomber stadium sucks to kinda.

I disagree.. Thats why i voted BC Place Stadium the worst... Yes it CAN seat 45k-53k fans... but the atmosphere is ... pretty non existant

Alright, who voted for Ivor Wynne Stadium and why?

There's no way it's the worst stadium.

The worst stadium is probably the one you go to for your home team's games when your team misses the playoffs. :wink:
And even at that, like it will probably be in Hamilton this year, it ain't too bad at all.

I am amazed that people picked Molson. It is obvious that they have never been there.

The only reason they can say that is because it only hold 20,202 people. (as someone said) Well its exactly that that make it a great place to watch a game. You are close to the action. You have a great view of the city on one side and the mountain on the other! You also has a great atmosphere

I am not saying its the best place but no way is it the worst!

I sure would like to see the comments of the other 4 people who voted for Molson. Tell us why!

Tell us how you can get a view like this in the worst stadium in the league!

Fenway Park is the smallest stadium in MLB and I've heard from baseball fans that have been there and to many other MLB stadiums that it is the best one for a number of reasons. The number of seats, or lack thereof compared with other stadiums, wasn't an issue.

Like I said ro1313, there are only a few people who have been to them all to draw a proper conclusion, Third, and Lionbacker are probably 2 that come to mind.

imo some of these pics are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to big!!! :roll: