Worst CFL Quarterbacks Of The Last 10 Years

There's been some pretty lousy QBs pass through the CFL over the past 10 years. I'm not talking about the scrubs who alternated between the PR and third string - - I'm referring to bad QBs that have actually held a starting job in the CFL.

The qualifying criteria would be a QB that's made at least a dozen starts.

At or near the top of the list for me would have to be Chip Lemon who was somehow handed the starting QB job in Toronto 25 times. I guess Jim Barker figured a failed NFL clipboard holder would be a sure-fire success in the CFL.

Lemon couldn't figure out how to read zone coverage and was never comfortable with any pass beyond 5yds downfield. In 25 starts Lemon only managed to throw 23 TDs.

The biggest embarassment was when Lemon sat out for two weeks with a chipped tooth from a hit by Joe Lobendahn. Argo apologists claimed Lemon's tooth had an exposed nerve and it was a potential life threatening situation. I'm serious. Life and death over a chipped tooth. Real simple solution - - yank the tooth and the nerve problem is solved.

Good thing Matt Dunigan only had a broken collarbone when he played in the 91 Grey Cup. I don't know how Dunigan ever would have played with a chipped tooth.

Chip Lemon - - one of the all-time worst over the last decade.

...Kevin 'my dad owns the team' Federik....

...I can't say for sure he made a dozen starts though as I didn't cut eyeholes in my paperbag for most of that year...

Cleo Lemon is my all-time favourite QB !

Nealon Greene

From a Ticats fan perspective, I'd have to add Printers and Mass. Not that they were bad quarterbacks, but they sure sucked while playing for us. Was that their fault? Maybe (probably?) not.

Michael (dancing Frog) Bishop.

Nealon Greene

worst......durant/jyles probably worst

So, the quarterback who just over a year ago threw for 5,000 yards, and led the league in yardage is the worst in 10 years? Yes he didn't have a great year last year, but I'm sure any QB with that swiss cheese line, and no running game would have had similar results.

Ive had an exposed nerve in my tooth and if it goes untreated long enough it could be very dangerous. But I don't see how it could prevent someone from playing football if they really wanted to.

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I actually wanted to like Cleo Lemon...
but, yes, he was terribly disappointing week after week.

Of course, it was difficult to say whose fault that really was in the end...
after the team eventually played his backups Dalton Bell and Steven Jyles.

Bell was downright atrocious... and Jyles was just as underwhelming as Lemon.

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Ted White by a country mile.

Oh I think he'd win hands down, HfxTC, but the O.P. set this criteria:

So he doesn't qualify. . . thankfully, no one had to see ol' Ted make at least a dozen starts.

What about Tee Martin for the Bombers? Great college qb at Tennessee I guess but couldn't translate it into much after that.

he's right up there with Lemon (aide) .

i cant remember enough to give opinion. Now if someone would kindly make a list of every QB that means OPs requirement, then I can tell you who's what.

One thing I know, Williams should not be on that list of bad ones. He was given a raw deal by the ticats when they brought in printers.

anyone with half a brain will see how asinine this really is... :roll:

i personally took offense to one of the names thrown out, so i offered that in response to make a point.

What is your point then?

And how can you take 'personal offence' ? If someone gives an opinion that a certain QB wasn't very good, surely said poster is entitled to his/her opinion, is he/she not? Are you the QB in question? That's the only way 'personal offence' could come into play. . .

then according to you, my original post should have been accepted as my opinion? you said it yourself......here it is again

"If someone gives an opinion that a certain QB wasn't very good, surely said poster is entitled to his/her opinion, is he/she not? Are you the QB in question? That's the only way 'personal offence' could come into play. . .

My great aunt had a tooth pulled and died of a blood infection from that.

Also, you can ask any dentist, they will not touch you if your tooth is infected. No matter how much pain you are in. They will send you home with prescription for pain killer and antibiotics until the infection goes away.