Worst CFL players!

How about the worst CFL players of all time?
Unfortunately Canadian fans have to put with American players who thought they were better or trying for another shot in the NFL to head north.From all Americans I apologize for their sorry play and behavior.Here's a list that I know of some of the more high profile Americans embarrassing theirselves in Canada.I am sure that I have missed some so let me know.
Vince Ferragamo(I remember ESPN using him to plug their CFL coverage in the early 80's,he's probably partly responsible for Montreal folding the first time);Lawrence Phillips(a felony waiting to happen);Dexter Manley; and of course who could forget the ganja loving,dreadlocked Ricky Williams who some how is still playing for the Miami Dolphins of the NFL! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was there when Jim Zorn (the great Seattle Seahawk QB and now the HC for the Washington Redskins) made his appearance in Winnipeg as a Blue Bomber in 1988 after the retirement of Tom Clements. While he was undoubtedly a great player in the NFL, his playing days had come and gone. His first pass was a long interception - the fans booed and he raised his arms in a gesture of frustration to the fans. That was basically the extent of his tenure in Winnipeg.

Tony Rice (Notre Dame) and Homer Jordan (Clemson) are two that come to mind as far as college superstars who failed horribly in the CFL.

When you say "worst" do you mean bad character or do you mean they were unproductive ?? Was Ricky Williams that bad when he played for the Args ??? Other than the fact he suffered two injuries that kept him off the field, I was under the impression he played relatively well. He still plays for the Dolphins because they (like lots of the NFL) use a two back system and he has always been able to move the ball. He averaged over 4 yds per carry which by NFL standards is productive. Granted he can't turn the corner and take off for 80 yards, but that was never his purpose.

As an American, I generally don't find many posts on this board that are overtly directed at the U.S. but your post calls for the worst CFL players, and then only mentions Americans. I don't have a long history with the CFL, but there clearly have been players over the years worse than the few you mentioned - and I would bet some of them are even Canadian. America doesn't need you to apologize for them.

this shouldn't be difficult to comphrehend.

this is the worst players! not character, we're talking skill wise!

Akili Smith

Oh lemme see. . .

Ted White
Chuck Tack
Tee Martin
T. J. Rubley

You're right, clearly I have poor comprehension as I am sure everyone would agree that RW, DM, and LP are the worst players in CFL history "skill wise".

Mark Gastineau (BC)
Andre Rison (Tor)

And Winterland, the way I understood it was players who were hyped to be fantastic because they excelled in the NFL or college so clearly they would dominate and destroy the CFL (at least according to themselves or the media and some others)

...was just gonna say, Gastineau...horrible.

He wasn't as fast as he used to be, but Rison was in his late 30's and actually pretty good in the brief time while he was here. I''m pretty sure the Argos were set at receiver when he came along. You have to couple limited playing time with looks when he was on field. He only came around mid-season as well. There was curiosity and maybe a little excitement when he signed, but I don't remember hype.


May I add Mike McMahon to your list???

By all means, what a piece of work he was. . .

....seeing as i see a few qb.s on the list....how about Paul Brothers of the long ago leos....thought i'd throw that one in for sport... :lol: :lol:

Timm Rosenbach

I would also like to add Vince Ferragamo - after he left the NFL (after taking LA to the Bowl) he fled to Mtl and was a bust. He had skill, just didn't work out in the CFL.

I forgot about the Heisman winners who were also busts in both the NFL and CFL - Andre Ware and Tim Crouch.

Yikes. Poor Paul Brothers (1968-71). He wasn't a terrible QB - certainly a regarded prospect coming out of Oregon State. But his interception rate was brutal (I believe he once tossed 6 in a game!). His wife Karen used to sit in the stands at old Empire Stadium and have to hear the boos rain down on her husband on a regular basis. Vancouver football fans were particularly cruel in those days.

May I add the name "Todd Marijuanavich?"

Don't forget about the Gliebs' expirement with Dexter Manley.. even before he played a down in this league, you knew that it was going to be a fiasco...

Some infamous Rider QBs:

Larry Dyck
Dave Stireman
Steve Sarkisian
Warren Jones
Marvin Graves
Joey "747, 7-11" Adams...

Warren Jones wasn't too bad!

neither was Sarkisian! he just didn't wanna play for a pathetic team anymore.