Worst CFL champions - divisional bias or underdogs?

this made me laugh. i remember some of those grey cups. that 2001 stamps team was really bad, but there’s a lot of Argos years that could be on this list. i still think the 2017 Argos were worse.


Lots of bad teams winning Grey Cups and most from the East due to the free pass they get. Lots of asterisks necessary, including this year.

I remember well the year that terrible
Calgary team in the article beat a superior Bomber team. I write that off to Khari being Khorrible as he always was in big games. On the flip side, Calgary has choked their share of Grey Cups away to lesser teams. I also remember the 1981 GC where Ottawa almost won.

As I’ve said many times before, as long as the league allows free passes to the East team and the title game is a one off, the East will always win more Cups than they have earned or deserve to. I long for competitive integrity and all teams earning their way into the GC game.


The way I see it - underdog teams that win a Grey Cup have character and show up to play without any expectations. With that said, those type of teams thrive on motivation as the game moves forward.


See the underdog wins epic close games like what happened in 2016-2017-2022 is what made those Grey Cup awesome. We should be proud of those matches instead of spitting 'stolen titles'.


Yeah but two of those were epic collapses by the Stamps in '16 and '17.

You can't call the team that won "the worst team to win", it should be epic collapses by teams that should have won.


What you are missing and has been said many times is that you have to earn the title. Everyone loves to see an underdog winning, but they need to beat teams ahead of them in the standings and then pull off an upset in the big game. Otherwise the regular season is meaningless.

In the example given in the story a fifth place team was gifted a spot in the play in game and this year a fourth place team had the easy route of playing a lower placed team at home while two teams ahead of them had to run the gauntlet in the West. That doesn’t create a true underdog but rather gives a Christmas gift early.

This whole unfair and unbalanced scenario happens almost every year and is based solely on longitude, not competitive integrity. There is no way to defend it that I can see. It is particularly egregious in a nine team league.


The problem is that sour grapes will always prevail!

Certain fans think that the cup is owed to them and hate the fact that they end up losing to what they think is an interior team
No-one complained in 2000 when the 8-10 Lions won the cup, No one complained when the 8-10 Stamos won the cup! Why? Its not how you start....its how you finish...The CFL is 2 seasons, reg and playoffs....and it was the west that won and the west is owed the cup!

Oh but in 2016 when an under 500 Ottawa beat the 15-2-1 Stamps!!!!!!! This is an outrage! This is unacceptable! This must never happen again

The league is constantly changing the rules to give in to these fans
They got the crossover...but the east still won the cup
Then they wanted home games for the crossover
Now they want 1 division
Now they want an earlier start
And of course the comish who is out to kill the league will give it to them

Some fans will never be happy until there is a system that guarantees that their division wins the cup every year(Like the US is guaranteed to play in the LLWS final every year)

Go ahead, change the divisions and the playoff system and the only guarantee is that it will kill the league


I agree with you 100% ro1313 - The team that wins a Grey Cup deserves it No Matter What


What I like about any football championship is that, unlike hockey, baseball etc it’s a one game winner take all deal.

It’s nice to see David beat Goliath once in a while.


Exactly, you have to win when it counts the most

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This is not a christmas gift early unless the supposed better team lost on purpose, which didn't happen. You can argue that the first team in the East has a better route than the second and the third team of the West. There are pros and cons for both playoff system, either a one or two divisions. But imply that some of the Grey Cup winners didn't earn the title because they didn't have an outstanding regular season standing is pretty insulting.

By that logic the focus should have been about the supposed leviathan teams like the 2016-2017 Sampeders or the 2019 Tiger Cats wich were unable to beat their opponents.


or the 15-3 Tiger Cats losing to the 11-7 Blue Bombers in one of the most boring one sided Gey Cup games in recent years.

Well from this fan there is no sour grapes or any argument that the Cup is owed to anyone. You are again either missing the point or intentionally distorting it. Once again, all that is being argued is that every team plays the regular season under the same set of rules and earns their way to the Grey Cup in the same way. That hasn’t occurred for decades and I have pointed out this obvious fact for decades. It’s not a hard fact to grasp. It’s not an opinion.

If you are fortunate enough to reside in the East you have a huge built in advantage. You tee off from the red tees. In a 400 meter race the equivalent would be getting the inside lane and the head start. You don’t have to earn your way into the Grey Cup game. It happens too many years to count and happened again this year when the Argos were gifted a home playoff semi final game and a bye. No one has any problem with the underdog team winning the Grey Cup game as they did fairly this year, just a problem with being gifted a path to the game they didn’t earn. Hence the well deserved asterisk.

The argument that the league is “constantly” changing the rules is a tired and ineffective one. If we followed your logic there would be no forward pass. And this isn’t an in game rule we are talking about. We are talking about giving all nine teams the same shot at getting to the Grey Cup, or at least those not finishing in the top two not being given a geographical advantage. The answer I continue to have for those advocating that the East teams continue to receive their Christmas gift early is play better during the regular season.

No one is advocating that their division be guaranteed to win the Cup each year. Where did you read that? In fact you are advocating that the East be guaranteed a representative in the Grey Cuo game each year, which is the only divisional bias being argued. I am arguing against that decades old sense of entitlement.

You also make incorrect and baseless statements that the commissioner is out to kill the league and that changing the divisional set up is “guaranteed” to kill the league. Poppycock! I fail to see how giving all nine teams the same chance at getting to the Grey Cup Game based on regular season results does any of these things and in fact of course they don’t.


You are cherry picking games to try and prove a point that does not exist. The point is that all teams earn their way to the Grey Cup the same way and that no teams be given a longitudinal advantage. See my post above for further detail. I have always been anti entitlement in anything.


teams having easier regular season games and paths to championships is not the same as underdogs. yes they may be underdogs in the championship game. but that does not necessarily mean they deserve to be there based on biased geography and divisional play against lesser opponents.

one division league play and proper deserving playoff seeding please.


Yeah I don't remember complaining over that.

Funny how that works
Its OK for the 3rd place west team to win. but not ok for the 1st place east to win....

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Yes it is ok. Now we are looking at a true underdog that wasn’t gifted a home playoff game, much less a home semi final game. The 2019 Bombers are the most recent example of a team that was gifted nothing and earned their way into the Grey Cup game. An underdog that didn’t benefit from anyone sweeping the rock for them on the way to the house. A similar result could have occurred this year if the Argos played in BC in order to get to the GC. Instead it’s Christmas in the East again.


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