Worst case scenerio

Who is going to jump ship if Printers bombs??

Scary how much hope people are pinning on one guy.

Not me, FYB. If Printers bombs, it’s likely going to be more apparent that the unit as a whole is tanking, frankly. Too much athleticism with a solid capacity to read defences for a young QB for a complete deer-in-the-headlights bombing.

He may have bad games, but they will be exceptions rather than the rule, I believe. He’s going to force receivers to NEVER GIVE UP ON THE PLAY – and I don’t think we have a full complement of guys who buy into that as yet.

We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

And the worst case scenario is 1-17. I'd rather have a 26-yr-old in the saddle in that aftermath than Ol' Dust. LOL :wink:

We won't be 1-17 this season and you can quote me on that!

Actually, I am not talking about this season, I am talking about Printers Career with the Ticats. What happens if he dissappoints ala Maas?? Will people say enough. Will it be one too many dissappointments. I sure hope not.

The Cats pretty much have to keep re-building, and use the rest of the season to keep finding more pieces of the puzzle. Printers can be the guy you can build around, and find guys that suit his style. The defence needs some tinkering, but not as much as the offence. Things have to get better, and I think Printers can bring Hamilton back from the ashes!

Doesn't surprise me considering how much blame usually gets pinned on one player when we lose.

As for your original question, if I haven't jumped ship by now, why would I? I can take pretty much anything after the last 4 years.

Rome isn't built in a day. Hamilton now has its franchise quarterback. They won't make the playoffs this year, but they can now start building a team around Printers, Lumsden, Moreno, McKay-Loescher, Armour, most of the O-line, and maybe Tay Cody. As long as fans understand that the team is a work in progress, things will be fine.

To my mind, the Tiger-Cats are still missing:

  • a stellar, dependable possession receiver
  • a secondary that can cover
  • a dominant defensive tackle to augment the pass rush

You get those pieces together and you got yourself a team.

You see.. most Ti-Cats fans are very very loyal no matter. Our attendance per-capita is right up with Saskatchewan if not higher.

The lions are often lucky to draw 20-25 thousand in a city with a metro population of 3 million. Hamilton draws more people in a city of 500 thousand. Metro Toronto is about 5 million and the Argo are lucky to go over 30 thousand.

With how bad the Cats have been over the last few years along with how good the crowds have been you would think there would be no question of our loyalty.

With the Lions for example you have the exact opposite situation. Great record but bad attendance. Thats says to me that Vancouver doesn't really care about football. Also, its not like Vancouver is a multi pro sport city other than the Canuks.

Vancouver has too high a percentage of "citizens" who are not all that loyal to canada and canadian institutions. Their families have not been here long enough to have that ingrained into them.

However, why bring vancouver into it. Until it is our turn at the bottom again, its not an issue.

I am just hoping that if Printers turns out to be the Printers I think he is, that it wont be too much for many ticat fans to take. However, understanding human nature as I think I do, I can see how at this point, a printers bomb could be the last straw for some, including possibly even bob, who I dont know at all.

You I just don't See him Bombing .
If he dose have a bad year or Two
The Team will change the staff
They Give every opportunity to Win
Before giving up

Marcel Will Fired be for Casey will be.
that would be new Staff in Football Ops.

lol this is funny. thats a pretty big prediction you are making. geeez we might win one by accident even without printers.

Considering the amount of money invested in Printers, you might see ownership fold up the tent and go home if this team doesn't produce.
Whether you agree with their moves or not, current management has been active trying to find a solution to the problem.
Other than assembling a solid supporting cast for Printers to play with, I really don't see what else could be done.

With Printers and Lumsden you actually have something to build an offense around. It will take time but it will pay off in the end.

Anyone who has seen Casey play knows to expect the unexpected. We may lose, but we'll have fun. I haven't had any fun since Marshall left. Losing I can handle, but give me something to cheer. Printers just may make me reevaluate my position and renew my season tickets instead of switching to Mac for next year. I'm not positive right now and I was before THE SIGNING.

If Printers bombs, they will have a very expensive quarterback. (And a new GM)