Worst call ever!

I cannot believe that they reviewed that fumble. First let me say, yes after seeing the replay it was a fumble. But the call on the field was down by contact, the whistle blew. That is not review able.

Now remember on Aug 12th, when Ron Lancaster wanted to review a pass that Allen threw and he wanted to clarify if it was backward pass aka: a lateral aka: a fumble. He was told that it was not review able play.

The whole jumbo-tron thing is another issue.

Of course I would have preferred to be up by 14 or more points at that point anyway and am not using this as an excuse for the loss.


You're right, Fletch, in a bunch of aspects, but the review rule is very new, and there are few League rules on what you can show on your "Jumbo-tron", much less when, and plainly we experienced a day where that flaw in the rules was exposed badly.

Such being said, we lost the game because we could not score a TD.

Lets not blame it anywhere else...our Defence stood up for the teram and shut down a very talented Argo Club in almost every aspect.

I'll grant that Quinnie dropped the ball, and so ST's are one play short of being there, but we are only short on the Offensive side of things with, today, one guy on the OLine, our starting QB being injured, and the play calling being just a bit vanilla...

Next series is against the Eskimo's and Maas should know how to shred them, as he has personal knowledge and considerable pride... if he cannot get it done, then by all means lets start playing Eakin in relief, as in hindsight should probably have been done today.

I can appreciate some of the comments of "the worst team, ever" today, but can recall when they were losing even more than today, and not giving such a fight.

TiCats have a world class Defence, and those class acts stood up for the team today, something I hope we don't forget quickly...

The problem with video reviews in the CFL is the refs have too much discretion in deciding what is reviewable and what isn't. In the NFL there's clear cut guidelines on what plays are reviewable and what plays aren't. Just a thought that they should make the review guidelines more rigid for next season and maybe have someone up in the review booth decide what is reviewable since they could have the guidelines in writing in front of them.

Unfortunately Fletch, that play is reviewable. It shouldn't be, but it is. See the thread titled "Reviews" for more.

Can I state again that I HATE the replay. I detest it. It frustrates me and it just makes the game longer and for the amount of times they get it right it's not worth it.

I see the “jumbotron” mentioned in this thread but it wasn’t really clear what the argument is so I’ll assume it’s that a coach might only throw the “review flag” after seeing the replay on the “Jumbotron”…

…in actual fact, that issue was discussed last night either by George Black who called into the “5th quarter” twice or on the CBC broadcast. The gist of it was this…the teams spotters have live television feeds in the spotters booths and they are the ones communicating with the coaches on the sidelines telling them when to throw the review flag and when to retract it (as we saw Coach Lancaster do last night on one occasion…and correctly)

so, whether or not the “Jumbotron” shows the play, the coaches still have access to the replays on their television monitors upstairs and get their direction from the spotters.

I respect George for calling in twice and defending the CFL's awful officiating... however he is doing a poor job running this thing.

See "Reviews" for my point.

Our officiating is Bush and I partially blame George Black for that.

...I'm with ya there...he was right about the "Jumbotron" issue.....but everything else is suspect....

It's been a horrible year for fans as far as officiating and interpretation of rules is concerned. The coaches look equally frustrated......trouble is that at 2-11, it looks like sour grapes but it really isn't. I've seen some horrible calls that went against our opponents too.

.....yeah, George Black calling into CHML twice right after the game was good but it clearly shows that he was worried about what Hamilton fans are thinking....and so he should

This Why Replay should be Banned...
it dose not work Fairly..

It was worth it yesterday my dear. :stuck_out_tongue:

eventually the lovely replay will come back to bite the Argos in the ass and I'll smile. :smiley:

And we can high 5! :thup: :wink:

Deal :wink:

borehamgirl wrote:

eventually the lovely replay will come back to bite the Argos in the ass and I'll smile.
I totally agree with you borehamgirl. However the way the argos manipulate the people running the CFL the league will make an excuse and make a decision in the argos favour. For example, the salary cap. If this was implemented the argos could not afford the players on their team. As long as Mr. Wright and his staff favour Toronto then nothing will change.

I agree, that play was one of the turning points of the game.
The Argos got TWO :smiley: challenges on the one play,If you watch the replay the ref pointed where Cory went down then he fumbled.
We get s*****d evertime ther is a challenge on the field.

Maybe Mr Young should start asking for reviews of the game from the league :?

:lol: good one.

But that reminds me of something, I've heard some women say the only reason they watch football games is to see the players in the huddle and that's when they smile. :slight_smile:

For me that's just gravy :smiley: