Worst broadcast ever...

The CBC should be ashamed of the effort put forth by Steve Armitage and Khari Jones for the TiCats/Als game.

More mindless blathering and fiction throughout the game. Armitage can't even get the entire D-line on the field right! Khari is so excited by an errand pass that Calvillo threw to the endzone that he doesn't mention the great defensive play by our guy to knock it away.

Armitage even says "...they will stay with this game if it DRAGS ON before going to Calgay." Drags on???? Bite me, I was enjoying the game even if it pained you to call the play by play.

When every game is broadcast by the superior TSN production crew, I will be a happy camper. Nuke the CFL on CBC :roll:


CBC is so hard to watch. Technically, graphically, talent... eesh.

How's about the Stamps/Roughriders game? Am I losing my hearing or was there no play-by-play for the first 7 minutes of the first quarter?

It IS the nation's station so I understand the need for the CFL to be on CBC, but Holy Mackinaw, please clean it up.

Worst broadcast ever? Whatever. At least the game was in HD, the only games in HD on tsn are friday night games, every other game is broadcasted in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Some people need to relax and not get worked up over little trivial nonsense.

Mark Lee = Argos homer. That guy uck

anyone notice the one play where there was a close up on Bauman (who was lined up at WR) from snap to tackle...


Case in point...

They missed our last second down play of the game. Too busy showing replays so they just did a quick replay of the second down pass that was off target (with no commentary or explanation of what we all missed)... then proceeded to the live play of the third down gamble.

I don't enjoy listening to two guys that sound like they would rather be anywhere else than doing play by play for the 'Cats games. Khari feels that he has to make up some long winded story about any player that the camera happens to stray upon. Too bad the CBC lost some of their best guys to TSN and kept the likes of Khari and Walby... yikes!

I still think it's important to keep the CFL on CBC. Irregardless of how people feel about the
CBC's ability to broadcast a football game, the CFL still needs all the exposure it can get.

Isn't this the last year for the CFL on CBC as TSN/CTV is taking over all the coverage from now on?

Maybe they are just going through the motions now, especially since the NHL is back.

  • paul
Isn't this the last year for the CFL on CBC as TSN/CTV is taking over all the coverage from now on?

At one point in the last few years, didn't the CBC come close to losing to losing the NHL broadcast rights? Either through being outbid or an internal decision?
There are times I'm not sure the CBC has a clear direction regarding their mandate.

Pin a rose to your nose. We don't all have HD yet, nor want it.

It wasn't trivial nonsense, it was a comparison of the abilities of one broadcaster vs another.

Meh, it's an easy fix. Just press the mute button. Makes me smile each time.

A solution that I use often. Makes for a vast improvement, especially when Walby or Armitage are working... Working?.. Did I say that?

An article by Stephen Ripley in today's edition of the Toronto Sun offers a pointed critique of selected sportscasters. Here is the link:

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/OtherSports/2007/12/02/4701652-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/OtherS ... 2-sun.html[/url]
8) Thanks for that good link TCTD. Truer words were never spoken regarding the comments on Steve Armitage, Don Cherry and of course good old Bob "love the leafs" Cole !!!! All three of them are pathetic !!!!!

That's funny - Cole has to be one of the worst. A real old time broadcaster, full of chliches - his favourite line
"they came to play hockey tonight"
huh? you mean they play other sports?

[url=http://archives.cbc.ca/IDC-1-41-1430-9208/sports/sports_disputes/clip2]http://archives.cbc.ca/IDC-1-41-1430-92 ... utes/clip2[/url]

There's no bigger Toronto homer than Mark Lee, and no bigger Bomber homer than Khari Jones. And yet the CBC allowed them both to broadcast Argo and Bomber games regularly. Which begs the question: who calls the shots at the CBC? Pinball Clemons and Doug Berry? Or perhaps the entire cast of the movie "The Stupids?"