Worst Blue Team loss ever......

I know, I know, there are so many to choose from. My all time favourite happened in the 1971 Grey Cup. It was the game where I can still hear the echo from Leo the Lip, “The ground can’t make you fumble”.

The situation: The blue team down by 3, 14 to 11, late in the 4th quarter, is actually driving in for what very well could be the winning TD, or at least the tying FG that would send the game into OT. Theisman (yes that same embarrassed to be an ARGO Joe) hands off to X-Ray McQuay, off tackle left. Whoops!!! what is that but the ball on the ground and a Stampeder defender snagging it. What a sad :wink: end to an otherwise wonderful game - final score was 14 - 11. My nominee for the worst (best? depending on perspective) loss ever.

Let’s here yours…

Its hasn't had the test of time like '71, but last year's popcorn bowl (aka the Come-uppance Cup) was sweeter than wine.

Actually Bunner, you're right. That was even better than the 2 game total point series loss.

I dunno, the 2-game total pointer was quite incredible too. I have it on tape, and during an altercation near the end of the game (when it looked like the argos were still gonna win), a raging Chris Schultz totally flips out and starts screaming at Ron Ingram "You go home!! You go home!!" I always wanted to ask him if he meant "you go home and get some rest, its a long flight to Vancouver."

If you're at Cup this year, track down Paul Bennett, who's sure to be around. He has many excellent inside stories of these games, and the '86 Cup.