Worst/best restroom facilities in the CFL

Hows about they just get the 2026 Olympics and don't have to worry about it.

The washrooms at Tim Hortons Field are a huge improvement over Ivor Wynne but for some reason they completely cheaped out on hand dryers. Any other fairly new or recently renovated public washroom you go into has high speed hand dryers. The ones they put in at THF are old style, slow air speed relics that can take 30 seconds to really dry your hands. You see people try to use them for 10 - 15 seconds with people waiting behind them before giving up and wiping their hands on thei pants.

This thread is about CFL washrooms not your greatest bedroom achievements. Stay on topic here.

I must vote for B.C. Place, the washrooms seem clean and the urinals have good flow. Can't ask for more than that!

Ha ha thanks .. Now I know for certain they shopped at the dollar store for the stadium.

But hey Pat ..everything beats the urinal troughs they had at Maple Leaf Gardens.. Think they had them at the train station there too

If we do get the Olympics it's hard to say what will happen at this point in terms of facilities. The "early" plan (although at this point it's too soon to call it that) are to have the ceremonies at the Stampede grandstand, McMahon wouldn't be used. They would build a new facility for curling which would later be converted to a field house and stadium for the stamps. I for one don't like the idea of a fieldhouse / stamps stadium in one, really how nice could that really be for the stamps??

That's a good question, because this winning team can't fill it's park. As such, I have no idea what matters to a Stamps fan. We know there isn't too many of them.

Stamps may have to propose this, because I can't see any other way they get a new stadium. Outsiders will have to pay for it.

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That's a good question, because this winning team can't fill it's park. As such, I have no idea what matters to a Stamps fan. We know there isn't too many of them.

Calgary still has some of the better attendance in the league. I don't think there is any problem. I know I love my stamps, I can't speak for all the people who choose not to attend.

My point is - the Stamps winning records obviously don't pack McMahon. My question is: why is such a large city with well over 1 million people - unable to fill their park or even dream of a new one? Calgary is a world class city with low class support of its CFL team. It's sad.

Why the apathy?

Randy Ambrosie in Calgary Sun:
"And so, at a time when the CFL is boasting $2 billion in investments in new and improved venues around the country, one of its flagship franchises will have to continue playing in the league’s most dilapidated stadium for the foreseeable future.
“I’m very worried,? Ambrosie said when asked how concerned he was with the situation.“Perhaps the most successful team in the last 20 years in the CFL has one of the poorest stadiums in the CFL. I think that’s a tragedy."

“And when you go across the country to see what has happened — the renovation at BC Place, the renovation at Brick Field at Commonwealth in Edmonton, (new stadiums in) Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Hamilton and what they’ve done here in Ottawa. BMO Field (in Toronto) … I think it’s terrible.?

How about I just sit outside Mosaic with a tin cup?

It seems to me, there is an inverse relationship between city population and local CFL attendance. The more populated the less attendance.
I guess we chalk this up to more to do! More choices, more sophisticated pallets of it's citizens.
Lets fave it , there is more to do in Toronto than Regina on a Saturday night

You will get more $ in Saskatchewan than in Calgary. So - in that context - maybe not a bad idea! ?

I would agree with that. It also indicates a glaring absence of passionate and dedicated CFL fans in these huge cities, and rather it points to a shallower type of 'fan' looking for the next 'fun' thing to do. So we know when McMahon is packed, it's many of these fickle fans (vs passionate fans) that are buying tickets. No wonder they don't have plans to build a new park, as these types of fans in Calgary are very unreliable. They don't care about winning or even the sport per se, rather they just want to do what's popular that night. I would also suggest that's also the reason why the Stampeders forum in here is a ghost town: Not many in Calgary really care about their CFL team there. It's sad to see in such a great city where they do support so many other things while kicking the Stamps to the curb as an entertainment choice. People don't know what they're missing. Given that reality, the Stampeders can plan on playing in McMahon for many years to come while the rest of the league goes first class.

Lets not forget the stamps ownership did offer a 200 million investment into a new facility 2 years ago. Lets also not forget Calgary has pretty much made Canada an Olympic power, Canada Olympic park is a top notch training facility, the city simply has priorities that reach beyond the stamps and flames.

Hamilton's stadium only happened because of a major event, Toronto moved into an existing facility and had little choice, Ottawa's Frank Claire was condemned and the reno was part of a larger development, BC place reno had little to do with the lions and Edmonton's had to do with the desire to host other events in the stadium (World cup soccer).

The point is, most new/reno'd CFL stadiums had to do with priorities other than the CFL team who played there. Calgary's priorities are probably the most lofty but don't necessarily require a new stadium.

I believe the league and Ambrosie will push for something to be done eventually in Calgary. Most successful team (as you keep reminding us) - with an old, dilapidated, run down park. It gives our beloved CFL a black eye.

What's it going to take to get more passionate fans (like you) in the seats vs the flaky, fickle, non committal fans there now who only are interested in what's cool at that moment? Any ideas?

Stamps need to do something, because all their wins - obviously ain't doing it.

Bladder issues RedandWhite??

My stamps are a viable organization, as long as they show up May 20th for training camp, thats all I care about!

In keeping with the topic at hand I suggest when Calgary has a new stadium, all the seats are latrines with soft seats, embossed with a stallion like motif.

The cost savings would be enormous! No washroom upkeep needed. No one having to get up every 5 minutes after all the beer drinking. No huge line ups outside the washrooms. [Womens' for some reason are 3x longer than mens'.]

The premium seating between the 50 yard lines would have flush latrines as an added bonus. The end zones would be small discreet out-houses equipped with 21" flat screen TV to compensate for the poor site lines,

LOL I love it,,, but only the ones between the 50's flush?
That would be a wonderful smelling stadium!
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