Worst/best restroom facilities in the CFL

Use this criteria:

  1. privacy walls
  2. cleaned regularly
  3. toilet paper stocked
  4. quality of soap
  5. mirrors to comb your hair
  6. tv monitor on stall door to watch game as you dump

I vote BC as the best.


Are those BC Place bathrooms, or nice narrow elevators with toilets?
Been to BC Place many times and I definitely didn’t see these ones.

...even without ever having taken a pee in seven of the nine stadiums I vote McMahon as worst washroom facilities...

....can’t wait for the ‘best electrical service rooms’ topic, that one will be pretty close between a few contenders...

If I want fancy washrooms I'll go to the Waldorf hotel.
At a sporting event I want efficiency and speed.
I've been going to historic McMahon my entire life. I go before game and after game I've waited no more than 3 minutes on a labor day. Usually its about 30 seconds.
They are kept very clean, they work, they water is warm. No complaints.

Ambrosie has mentioned that McMahon is a sad sack stadium. Hopefully the Stamps and all their success can lead to something positive for their fans.

Anyone know what the situation is at Montreal's Olympic stadium and McGill?

McMahon have air dryers for your hands or paper towels?

I believe the topic is washrooms. I doubt Ambrosie has been anywhere near the publis washroom in McMahon. Come try them sometimes.

I've been to AT&T in Dallas (superbowl 2011), University of Phoenix, Denver, San Francisco, Pittsburgh as well as a few CFL stadiums and I can tell you, in terms of size and efficiency they vary, in terms decor they are all the same.

Paper towels

At Ohio Stadium (Ohio State) the toilet seats are maize and blue.

Are any of the toilet seats at McMahon green/gold (Edmonton)?

I would add availability / ratio to attendance in there.

All the winning seasons and great QBs have been pretty positive for the fans I know. You should try it sometime. Do fancy walls make losing anymore positive ???

Apparently they do. You cannot buy season tickets in Regina. There is a waiting list. Only 4 Grey Cups in 100+ yrs. No other team has to cap season tix.

It's crazy how popular the club is. Game day experience is second to none. We understand most other clubs don't enjoy this. Can't wait for the season to start.

So rider fans place conditions on their fandom. Must provide fancy walls

IIRC, it was the team that said the fans also deserved the best.
Can't disagree. It's an awesome facility - players and fans love it.

You gotta come check it out sometime. Winnipeg, BC, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Regina - all invested in their clubs and their fans and recently put some major $ into new or renovated facilities. Even Edmonton made some upgrades. And Halifax will likely soon have some new stadium news. It's great to see that sort of growth and investment in the CFL.

Calgary provides it fans with home wins decade after decade, what else matters to a true fan?

Having facilities that work well for an entire age range of spectators and speak to the average consumer in a modern era. The "true fan" is already hooked, so they really don't care...that is not the market they are chasing for in either growing attendance nor increasing social media presence in order to generate new marketing revenue. With the success on the field that Calgary has had, it is most unfortunate that it does not equate to capacity at games. It has been stagnant, at best, for years. I do believe that a new facility would help with that a lot. Would it be worth it for the extra few thousand butts in seats 10 times per year? Probably not. I hope they get the Olympics, because the city does deserve better. Saying otherwise is a pretty easy copout when they have the worst stadium in the league by a mile and have since even before most of the recent builds. Times have changed. This stuff matters in an instant gratification society where everyo0ne has access to HD big screens. It is not going to become less true as time marches on.

You are probably right there. I guess a true fan like me doesn't care but "fringe" fans might care.

that is the thing though, it is the fringe fans that make the difference. The core is essentially not going anywhere.

Personally I am a little concerned with Calgary. Don't get me wrong, they have solid support and have done a great job of winning back their stadium over the past 7 or so years (the days of Red being outnumbered are over, which is great, but the flip side is I know lots who won't spend their money there now because of some of the atmosphere created there far too often for visitors, which is an unfortunate flipside. That is a whole other topic though, and I am by no means saying Calgary fans are alone, but it is nothing like it was a decade ago for a visitor). Attendance is by no means poor, but they have been a superb team for some time and still don't pack the place. I really hope that when they see a few bad years they don't take a big hit, because everywhere generally does when the dark days come for a bit.

How about this.
In 2018, every ticket sold to a CFL game in all the 8 other cities, will have a $1.00 surcharge to go towards a new stadium is Calgary !!!! LOL