Worst/best parking arrangements in the CFL

The last time I was in the Brandt Center, it was nothing but a dump... the seats make you feel like a sardine... I wonder if the CHL brass considered this when Regina was awarded the Memorial Cup... unless they have done some cosmetic work to the arena... its one the worst places to watch a WHL game in...

between Calgary and Regina, who has the best horse parking?

How long has it been since you've been there? In the past few years they have expanded seating as much as the structure allows and replaced all the seats. It's hosting the Tim Hortons Brier right now - so turn on the TV and take a look.

Its hard to tell how good/bad a arena looks from TV... even the Credit Union Iplex in Swift was a better venue than the Brandt center... by far.

LOL! Sounds like a Seinfeld episode.

and yet rider fans judge McMahon from TV observation all the time!!!

Parking isn’t free anywhere and parking at the stadium is quite expensive and all other lots- including the UofC. I PARK FREE. I have a hidden area reserved for only the top fans

not by me... I have never been to McMahon, so I won't judge on how good/bad it is... I don't think you can judge by what you see on TV.

Well it is fair of you to think that way. But I can tell you many out there judge it. I hear it all the time

Ambrosie was in Calgary at McMahon when he called it a dump. Because it is a dump.

The team, the league and fans deserve better.

Maybe I'm biased. I think it's beautiful. Winning is beauty I guess

Anyone can be biased... most will point out what is great about stadiums or arenas and not point out the bad, like old Mosaic had atmosphere and character, and an experience to watch a LDC like no other stadium, and not mention the horrid washrooms or concessions.

You would think that would attract fans. It doesn't there. Apathy.

It's a thing.

Imagine what the players feel like when they win 15 games out of 18 - and the place is 1/3rd empty on a nice day. Maybe they sign because the Calgary nightclub scene is pretty good? It sure isn't the fanbase that makes them feel wanted.

I always felt that I could live with old Mosaic for another 10years if necessary, and with the $15 or $20 million they spent on it about 5 years ago - it looked ok. But long-term it would become a massive taxpayer money pit so the new stadium and Regina's $90 million contribution - made a lot more sense. Now that we have one full season of experience in the new one - I couldn't go back to the old one. It was a barn by comparison.

Parking at the Ticat games is terrible. Given the location, I wouldn't expect otherwise.

McMahon was pretty loud and full for the Western Final......and is pretty loud in general. I think the stamps are thankful and secure knowing they have a loyal following who won't abandon them should this multiple decade long of excellence ever come to an end.
God knows it's not affecting their performance!!!!

Iconic SR wrote:
Most clubs with passionate fans can easily sell paid parking spots and it makes another great revenue stream for the club - because those fans will come regardless. In the case of the Stamps, I can see why free parking is a necessity - because so many 'fans' are looking for excuses NOT to go to a Stamps game, and having to pay for parking simply makes those fickle fans not go. That could be an angle the Stamps may want to exploit further: use more free stuff to fill the place.

This comment has stuck with me. Sounds to me you would be willing to pay the riders for parking.
The riders had 17 million in revenue last year, their merchandise sales are through the roof, the stadium is sold out, you are paying a $12.00 per game user fee to pay for the stadium, there is no owner with an expectation of profit. You are bound to the same rules of roster size and player salary as everyone else- so its not like all this revenue can give you an advantage in this aspect ................................at what point do you as a fan say "enough is enough, we support you with money at every turn, we have all the bells and whistles and still have money in the bank, maybe it's time you threw us a few bones and give us something" .
Would it take paid toilets? Dime water fountains? An oxygen tax? A new fee to pay for Duron Carter's legal bills?
I think it time you started asking this

RiderNation cannot be explained. Only experienced. If your team doesn't have that - you won't ever get it. Other teams have something similar. Not the Stamps tho.

Instead - you will become a critic of it. It would be like not being invited to the party or not getting a joke when everyone else does.

I believe the Riders are about to take a huge step forward in sustainable success. The sky is the limit. Look what they've done so far. In the country's smallest market, no less. I even believe you see some change coming from Saskatchewan. Might explain your anxiety a bit?

So you're saying your pockets have no bottom when it comes to the riders?
You sacrificed youth for age this off season, you are clearly going all in for 2018, just like you have for the past decade plus- you will continue the roller coaster cycle. Believe me, as a fan of a team who defines sustained success, you are not building it......and THAT is something rider fans simply will never get.
Why would the organization change? You just said it, the fans pockets have no bottom, no matter what.

I will compare the Riders to the Leafs... they will come no matter how good/bad the team is... just as long as the football is entertaining... the days of telethons to save the team/league are long gone.

No, what I said is RiderNation support is immeasurable.

You said Stamps fans have free parking.

It's a win/win.