Worst/best parking arrangements in the CFL

Ok, it looks like the offseason is mostly Calgary fans here, but I'm going to throw this out for practical reasons.

Anyone know how much of a hassle it is to park at McGill for a game? Lots of vandals waiting for you to start walking to the stadium before your car gets broken into? Are there much in the way of security guys wearing neon green bibs to scare away criminals?

What about the other 8 venues?

In my experience you are better off taking transit...and don' get off early unless you like hill climbing.

The mass transit is too handy to pass up IMO

Definitely mass transit for any large gathering in Montreal. They handle crowds well.

McMahon has the best parking! No way anyone can argue that. Huge lot- lots of tailgating besides, easy access to LRT.
My own personal experience; To don't use the lot, but I park 1 block from stadium, pay nothing and never deal with traffic problems. I encourage any fan to come to a game with me. I doubt you will find a better overall game day experience, provided you aren't looking for bells and whistles.

you have parked at every stadium?

No but I know most stadiums have little stadium parking and people have to take long bus rides to get to the stadium. I've never heard of free parking either. Let me show you this season

My cousin in Calgary says parking at McMahon Stadium is easy - unless the Riders are in town.

That's when they take the C-Train, because RiderNation fills that stadium too. This is not any news, tho.

Biggest crowds at historic McMahon stadium in 2017 were labour day and the annual Western Final... not either of the 2 rider games.

Montreal is up there. The $20.00 is inline with Toronto but the 6km walk on top of it is ridiculous.

The Atlantic Schooners Stadium is just impossible to park at.

best thing about Hamilton's parking situation is the entire city becomes free buses (well, all the lines that head to the stadium), plus many free direct buses from "zones" within the city. We take the Limeridge mall bus to the stadium.

I've been to games in Edmonton and it's similar. Good system but not as convenient as my situation

No matter where you park there, the stadium is always so far away.

I park within a block for free!

If fans show up one day, maybe that won't be the case

It makes no difference . I've been to games with 35,000 (larger than any rider game at Mosaic) and it still works for me. When you build a stadium in a nice area rather than next to the garbage dump it helps!

Which stadium is built adjacent to a garbage dump? I've been to all of them and cannot understand what you mean.....

Most clubs with passionate fans can easily sell paid parking spots and it makes another great revenue stream for the club - because those fans will come regardless. In the case of the Stamps, I can see why free parking is a necessity - because so many 'fans' are looking for excuses NOT to go to a Stamps game, and having to pay for parking simply makes those fickle fans not go. That could be an angle the Stamps may want to exploit further: use more free stuff to fill the place.

Yours. Nothing but dirt, rats and train tracks.
one could probably pick up an old couch after a game


I think you are misinformed, and you obviously haven't been there. It's part of a massive entertainment complex property called EVRAZ Place in addition to Mosaic Stadium - it has a fieldhouse, indoor Olympic sized pool, WHL arena, concert facility, 6 additional NHL sized indoor rinks, another fieldhouse and indoor soccer complex that the team also practices in, and a massive exhibition centre and complex. There are no old buildings (other than the historic Armouries) adjacent to new Mosaic. They all were torn down to make room for new buildings. Plus there is Confederation Park beside it that hosts pregame festivities for thousands.

Do some research. It's a beautiful entertainment and exhibition complex. It will be amazing facility to host our next Grey Cup in Regina.

The area is near North Central though. Are you calling those residents who reside there - garbage? If so, that's very harsh.

Why have NHL arenas? You won't even attend an outdoor WHL game!
I happen to know the area around the stadium is not the best area, that's well documented.