Worst Announcers Ever!

Matt Dunnigan and Gord Miller don't do their homework. Courtney Stephen, our starting cornerback, is not on the field but that goes unnoticed by Ches and Wal for the entire game. Not a word! Daley played well as a safety while Butler was all over the place. That situation should have been a great story line but Matty was too busy doin' his southern drawl for the American audience. I wish Dunnigan would go and "getter done" on some other network in some other country. Now that I've vented, congrats to the Cats on a great game. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

...and Miller, Underwood's first name is pronounced "Tie Kwan" not "Te Kwan". For heaven's sake you are supposed to be a professional. Please act like one. :roll:

...and furthermore, don't put Miller on camera. That turkey-neck of his is annoying! :cowboy:

I find some of the snarky banter between Dunigan and Miller off-putting. Both of them sound really passive-aggressive at times. They occasionally sound like they want to punch each other, and last night wasn't the first time. I hope it's not by design.

Dunigan is the best since Lancaster

Much ado about nothing! :roll:

FootbalYouBet: I disagree. Ron Lancaster`s common sense and insight was miles ahead of Dunigan.

          My take on Dunigan:   Great player....worst CFL colour commentator of all time.  He just loves those good ol' Mississippi (or was it Louisiana?) boys!  Pure hot dog and an embarrassment to TSN. 
          The CFL should demand his removal for the good of the league.

I find Gord Miller listenable.

Dunigan, on the other hand, puts his biases in plain view, whether he is participating as a panelist or a game commentator.

His good old boy persona wore out on me a long time ago. I'm interested in what you have to say, not how you say it.

He could learn many many lessons from Duane Forde.

Don't forget that Dunigan had many concussions in his career, he's had a lot of trauma to the head, give him a break.

"Stand on your hind legs and bark like a dog Ray Holley!"

  • Matt Dunigan July 2nd, 2015 - 4th quarter

TSN needs a complete overhaul on crew, way too many ex-Argo commentators from Dunigan, Schultz and Climie and so called broadcast pros like Gord Miller. At least Schultz does his homework I'll give him that but there has to be just as good or better commentators and ex-CFL players out there who should be on TSN.

Just look at the group Tiger-Cats TV assembled of Ozzie, Morreale, Hage, Williams etc.

Also I'm very impressed by some of the new broadcasters coming out of the university programs, they are smart, good looking and actually have something to say?


i'll take Matt over Rod anytime.


I usually have no problem with Gord Miller's play by play calling at all. But when he is paired with Dunigan the bottom falls out. The snide comments and arguing between each other is very unprofessional and more importantly, distracts viewers from the game.

Giving Mr. Miller the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure ANYONE paired with Dunigan would have the same problem. I fear that Gord drew the short straw on the broadcast team assignments.

I'm sure he is biding his time until his good ol' boy partner gets another cooking show.

Gordo is WAAAAAAY better than Rod Black. Considering how often Gord does the CFL ill give him a pass. Rod Black still thought we had Terry Vaughan for 2 seasons after his retirement.

Of the three usual TSN crews Cuthbert/Suitor, Black/Forde and Miller/Dunnigan I actually enjoy the Miller/Dunnigan pairing more. They seem to be having fun. Suitor just never shuts up usually saying nothing and because of that the Cuthbert/Suitor pairing is actually my least favourite.

travelPat: Too bad we can’t mix 'em up. My preferred combo of the three would be Gord Miller with Duane Forde. The Chris Cuthbert/Glen Suitor combo is OK too.

interesting that on any other football forum I go on, including cfl talk on cfl.ca, the overwhelming opinion of dunigan is two thumbs up.

As for Lancaster, I said Matt is the best SINCE Lancaster, not including. Comprehension much

footbal: regardless.... your statement is still huge stretch. I can't think of anyone SINCE Lancaster that even comes close to being as bad as Dunigan.

Here's a list (not sure if I have missed anyone) ...

  • Leif Pettersen: 1987–1997, 1998, 2005–2006

  • Glen Suitor: 1995–1997 ,1998-Present (lead colour commentator)

  • David Archer: 1997 (lead colour commentator)

  • Danny McManus: 2007

  • Duane Forde

       Listen to colour commentators much?

Since Lancaster worked for the CBC, the discussion should include CBC colour commentators who followed Lancaster's departure from broadcasting at the end of 1990, and there were some baaaaaaad ones.

The obvious "since Lancaster and worse than Dunigan" example is Joe Galat. Some people liked Chris Walby, but he was terrible. James Curry was also pretty bad. Dan Kepley is controversial... tripped over his words a lot but offered more real insight than a guy like Walby. I'd place Dunigan around the level of Kepley, but with a lot more hot air.

In my opinion the best colour commentator since Lancaster was Khari Jones.