Worse Than Labour Day....

I've been at some pretty mean Labour Day games. I was right behind the Argo fan who had his ear bit off several years ago. I've seen brawls and kicks and - yes - blood on fans in the stadium.

Well, this Board now tops it. The heck with 'Cats-Argos. Let's just line up the pro-Maas against the anti-Maas/pro-Chang folks on the field Sept. 3 and have an old fashioned riot.

Folks.... let's give each other a break. We're Ti-Cat fans here.... not enemies in a war. Is there any sense left out there? I'm not trying to be patronizing but there's a real mean-spiritedness that's crept onto so many threads. Is this what we want?

Really.... is this what we want for this site? I have my own - strong - opinions on the QB situation but that's so minor compared to the relationship we share and the privilege we've been given to participate on this Board.

Sorry to preach (but hey, I've been a preacher) but it's not fun here anymore folks. It's angry. Is that what we want?

It's not what I want, Mark. Unfortunately, I have let my emotions get the better of me in some of my posts, but I stick to my guns about them. I actually believe that there are some relatively new members of this site who's sole purpose is to chastize, belittle, cajole, and ridicule anybody who has an opinion contrary to their own.

I certainly believe that the moderators have lost control of the site (if, indeed, they ever had control). Behaviour that would have garnered an "unwanted vacation" in the past is, IMHO, being ignored and allowed to continue. I'm not saying that their job is easy - heck, I wouldn't want to do it...

I just don't understand why it gets personal with some folks. But whatever, I have nothing against Maas supporters personally and if Maas shows that his arm is 100% and starts hitting the long bombs then I will get behind him also.

In my opinion you are among the worst of the bunch. That is just my honest opinion of what I have observed. sigh.

good thread Mark,

It doesnt matter who we support for QB. The point is were all ticat fans here, who want to see our team win!! Being a new member here, Ive noticed that it gets downright nasty at times.

I know that we all get emotional at times, and were all tired of our team losing.

Maybe we just need a few wins to turn discussions on this forum around.

Unite against the common enemy from Toronto, and all will be OK.

It's possible that people are taking out their frustration on each other with the banning of "the chant".

Perhaps all part of the Curse that our good Caretaker has left us with. A 3:15 record is in the works, maybe this is the year. Once it is accomplished, the Gods will be happy and nirvana will prevail among all ticat fans.

Agreed, 100%, I and a few others I know have avoided this forum by and large for the last month for this reason.

It seems like EVERY thread is somehow turned into a Maas vs. Chang thread (when ironically their are usually 3-4 new Maas-Chang threads started a day). I hate to "take sides" or whatever, but its more often than not the Chang supporters that are responsible for doing this. Someone complains about recievers, offensive line, heck even the defence, and the usual crew will chime in with "well, none of this would be a problem if we played Chang, Maas is hurt, bla bla bla". The common excuse seems to be that they are just "voicing their opinions". If anyone points out that they are straying away from the topic at hand, they get defensive and claim that their opinion is being dismissed because it is different from others. Its NOT that guys and girls, seriously, its that it would be nice to see threads on the Tiger-Cats that aren't about Maas-Chang.

Seriously, we don't need to talk about Maas-Chang in every thread. If you've posted your views about Maas-Chang a dozen times already, there is a good chance that everyone that reads the board already understands your point of view, repeating it only clogs things up. Its not that some people think they own the board and that your opinions aren't worth hearing out, seriously, its just that we already know your opinion and have read a variation on it many times already.

I would love it if they created a "sticky" Maas vs. Chang thread for all future discussion to go in, but thats doubtful for political reasons, and I would love it if we respected eachother enough not to turn every other thread into Maas vs. Chang.

On October 1, one way or another, the Spy vs. Spy routine on this board will have ceased. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I concur at the risk of being cited a troll by any one of the real thorns on this site; the members who childishly use public threads to whine to the moderators or about the moderators, instead of dealing like a man and sending their complaint privately.

Personally, I'm still sitting on the fence regarding Maas and Chang. I'm more upset, if anything with the poor play from our offensive line.

I thought that Sigpig who made the second post in this thread, made some good points in his response to Mark's topic, only to be immediately put down by another poster who called him one of the worst offenders on the site.

I think that this type of retort, which I have also been guilty of, was uncalled for on this particular thread. Mark's point is that remarks like this are uncalled for on any thread and I tend to agree with him.

Sometimes, a poster will twist your words and go out of his way to change your intent in a response. When this happens, and I know I have been taken out of context, I sometimes can't restrain myself, and tend to bite back.

I agree with Russ who, if I am reading him correctly, suggests that some of the newer folks on this site who on occasion,
behave in an irresponsible way will likely be gone by October 1st, anyway.

I can't do anything about folks who cause problems, but I will try harder to govern my own posts closely so as not to offend any one.

Good post, Mark!

Not sure what boards allow members to publicly criticize the moderators and discuss actions by moderators. Usually that is considered a breach of the rules of conduct. Guess its allowed here.

Mark, once again you come on as the voice of reason. But, again, it seems to be a voice crying in the wilderness. We've tried to fight this battle before.
It seems that there will always be two factions represented in the posters to this site. There are those who want to be part of a give-and-take presentation of opinions and ideas, and those who want only to disrupt, for whatever juvenile satisfaction they derive from that. I know that is oversimplified, but not by much.

Good points have already been made. I agree with sigpig, that whatever face this site projects is the result of the mods' views and actions. Like him, I wouldn't want the job, but once somebody takes it on, there should be a clear, consistent pattern of style and content. Is this site a home for the small-minded?
For those who are convinced that the only way to raise themselves is to knock somebody else down?
For those who have little respect for opinions other than their own?

I know that some posters have been kicked out, but I really don't know where the line is drawn, if indeed there is one.

As to 'whining to the mods' as opposed to PM'ing some one directly, why would I want direct contact with someone who has already shown disrespect for the site and its members?

Look, we all go a little overboard at times when our pet player or opinion is being targetted, but we're supposed to be intelligent adults. (?) One sign of adult behaviour is RESTRAINT. We're not kids in the schoolyard.

Continue to fight the good fight, Mark. It would be easy to say that the cure for all this is a three-game winning streak. But, those who want to disturb will still find a way to do it, and find a cause that can be exploited.

It may be that this site is merely a microcosm of the real world, and we just have to try to live with, and ignore, the disrupters. We can but try!

(Having said all that, I know there will be some who deride my holier-than-thou attitude. So be it.)

(rebounder) Not sure what boards allow members to publicly criticize the moderators and discuss actions by moderators. Usually that is considered a breach of the rules of conduct. Guess its allowed here.
I checked the forum guidelines and can't see that criticizing the mods is forbidden, although, I think all criticisms should be kept down to a dull roar and not dwelled on.

Alternately, its a free country. Enjoy your freedom of speech providing you stay within THIS forum's guidelines.

Rocky, I meant that this Maas vs. Chang issue will be resolved on the field by October 1, regardless of what people pontificate here. Either we are back in the hunt ('Maasters' of own own destiny, as it were) or it will be Chang Time because the postseason opportunity will have passed us by. I really can't see a middle ground or context where the sniping is going to have much traction, frankly.

That being stated, I do feel things will come to a head on this board soon. I cannot see the personalism level here sustaining itself much longer.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well typed Mark.

We are all Ti-Cat fans and need to find some common ground.

We have the greatest site in all the CFL and should be proud and use this forum in a constructive manner.

Negativity and conflict kill the human spirit. Lets all be fans and stop trying to choke each other with differing opinions.

Well either way it won't stop any of the silliness that goes on here. Just look what happened after Maas's 'big' game -his supporters were out in full force looking to round up every last member of the Chang gang and drag them out of town for good. Constantly posting stuff like 'where's the Chang gang now' over and over again wasn't exactly the classiest thing to do.

It happens to be a factual statement based on what the second poster has actually written about other people here. If you have a problem with it, maybe you should counsel the second poster to to adopt a less antagonistic manner of expressing disagreement with people he disagrees with. Because if he would do that in the first place, we wouldn't have to preoccupy ourselves with posts/threads concerning his being "one of the worst offenders on the site". Sound reasonable? I think it does...

I don't support one QB over the other. I support all of our players. There have been distinct anti/pro player groups on this site since I signed up. I used to get into it because it really frustrated me to see these guys who go out there and give their all being ripped apart on this site, but I've realized it's not worth it. I'm sure the players aren't bothered by it if they read it because they look at the source.

I've basically stuck to posting in the threads where I think there is even a remote possibility that I won't be given a hard time for my optimism and threads that look like they may not turn into a Maas/Chang debate. Not that there are many of those.

I find myself being rather sarcastic and somewhat short-tempered these days so it appears it's time for me to take a break from the site. It really isn't fun anymore. Well not very often anyway.

Just THESE days BG????

See what I mean about being given a hard time. :lol: