Worse QB this season

.....quit looking in the mirror KK.....

......hey papa, MIchna is still on your teams roster, why is that?.....he was released June 10th...

...the Bomber resigned him RedW....i'll send you a program :wink:

I have also said that. :roll:

....well then I owe you an apology for my previous comment......when did this happen?...

I don't want this to be semantics but White was not cut! His contract expired and he was not resigned. Same result but not cut!

Posted: Aug 04, 2006 - 11:12 AM

I accept, and I'm sorry for what I said.

...i'm telling you he's still playing for them....Nealon White... :lol: :lol:

....what did you say that you have to apologise for?....I don't recall anything here....

I see now!

the LOSER and the Manner book to name a few.

.....pfft again, like water off a duck's back...gotta have thick skin to be a stampeder fan......

Bomber too, but you also got to have manners, and for you to say sry for you **** and for me not to about my **** just isn't the right thing.


cool, now if we could just apologize for all the ****we have cause each other, and the same thing happen with me and Ro and Geo, then this would be a better site, and we could all live a quite Internet life.

Kiss and make up! Sorry R&W had to type it!

Kevin Eakin wins hands down this year, although he has plenty of competition, including Jarius Jackson in BC, McManus in Cal, Michna in Wpg ( 2 fumbles tonite)...Honourable Mention to S. Wynn in Tor. :stuck_out_tongue:

We can't dismiss the improved play of defences across the league. Probably due to contraction of Ottawa which has flooded the league with experienced players. Also the rosters have been increased this year with an extra American and liberal use of the Designated Import rule which allows teams to load the defence with import specialists.

I'd rather not :lol:

and I still says the worse QB performance I have seen on the tube this season is an 87 performance by Dewalt.

Starter: Burris
Backup: Eakin and Nealon

Russ Michna