Worse QB this season

If you thought this was a post on Kevin Glenn then you'll be dissapointed.

Can someone explain to me how Pat Flemming has a QB rating of -414.6??

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=fbstats&func=passing&year=2006]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=fbst ... &year=2006[/url]

He did complete the 2 balls he threw , but they were to the opposition. 2 passes , 2INTS. Imagine if he was to throw 25 passes in a game.

But how does 2/2 interceptions crunch out to -414.6.

What's Nealons rating this year? He threw one completion then 1 int last night.

...also, he injured two nuns by throwing a third ball out of bounds, and was caught with stickum on his glove....

http://www.primecomputing.com/ (calculator although it doesn't go below zero)

And from wikipedia:

The passer rating is determined by four statistics, each of which are computed as a number between zero and 2.375. The benchmarks for these statistics are based on historical averages. If any of the components are less than zero, they are reckoned as zero; if any are over 2.375, they are reckoned as 2.375.

* The completion percentage rating is calculated as {{COMP over ATT} times 100 - 30 over 20}
* The rating for average yards per attempt is calculated as left( { YDS over ATT } - 3 right) times { 1 over 4 }
* The rating for touchdowns per attempt is calculated as { TD over ATT }times 20
* The rating for interceptions per attempt is calculated as 2.375 - { INT over ATT } times 25

The four results are then added, divided by 6, and multiplied by 100. Since each of these numbers is at most 2.375, the maximum passer rating is

{4 times 2.375 over 6}times 100 = 158.3.

The CFL appears to use the same formula as the NFL.

Question...how do you do times 25?

is division. x divided times 25?

there's more and more proof that Nealon Greene is the worst QB out there.. thank GOD we got rid of him

I vote for dewalt

Where is Michna?

....where is Ted White....I'm pretty sure he's better than Pylon Greene.... :lol:

.....Michna and White were cut before the season began....buy a program guys....

by a manners book, because maybe you will not be so rude next time.

BTW, Bombers resigned Michna after Quinn got injured, so hence why I asked.

....Michna was cut....how come he's still listed on the Bombers roster...Ted White never got cut either....i seen him throw up one to the Argos last night ruining their shut-out... :lol: :o

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White was not cut!
He became a free agent and is still free!

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