Worse case scenario a reality???

Apparently Tate suffered a setback and Glenn is most likely to start Friday. To me this is the worse case scenario. I think our D could have destroyed Tate, and I think they would have played well against Mitchell with his inexperience and our complex D but with Glenn possibly starting I think he has the best chance to beat us, with his veteran experience and ability, not only that but he's always had good games against us. What do you guys think??

They are all very skilled QBs. I don’t see Glenn as worst case…really, he is their least mobile QB.

Bring on any of them. I don't see any of them being an concern for the Roughriders. I was more concerned when they played against Ricky Ray who is the one QB that could have shredded our secondary.

Good point! I guess the one interception thrown by CGY in week 2 was from Glenn lol

Bo Levi worries me the most, he seems to have the most raw talent and we haven't seen much film on him. Glenn is the most one dimensional, but he's probably the most consistent of the bunch as well. He won't single handily win you the game, but he's the least likely to lose it for you either.

Worst case scenario is a healthy, cocky Tate

If we get more then 4 sacks on Glen, we win. If he gets protection then I'm concerned. But our team is solid top to bottom, we win in any scenario.