worriesome comment from Ed Philion on radio

Was at the game and listened to the broadcast on the radio, where former Alouette Ed Philion is the colour guy.

About Bellefeuille, he said his offensive schemes have never been terribly creative and don't do enough to fool defenses (and maybe this is just bravado), but he added: "yeah, he was offensive co-ordinator in Saskatchewan when I was playing and we never had much of a problem figuring out his schemes". I know Gibson is the OC, but they run the same play book.



OMG...Ed Philion said something negative, lets fire everone! :smiley:
There has been too many positives to this point to start bleating on about what some "talking head" has to say! I love what is happening with this team/organization.

'Go Cats (and go away whingers, I mean that only in a loving and supportive way :slight_smile:

Assinine on so many levels.
How can anyone watch P Rod this year and say its the same book as MB's last year? Phillion's using a stereotype that's years out of date. The knock on MB in SSK was that he ran too much, again, how anyone with half a brain who's watched his offense in the last two years can say that's accurate.

the system he ran in sask is 100% diferent than this one.

Is it the greatest system in the world, no, but it's not the worst and not a problem, except i think they should get rid of the goal line play pass to pavlovic, they ran it many times last year and isnt going to fool anyone this year.

Gibson is CLEARLY in charge, not Bellefeuille. Trust me. We Als fans know a Bellefeuille offense when we see one, and this is not it. This is actually a legitimate offense with short, intermediate, and long patterns used effectively.

If MB play book is not good think of the other teams that were destroyed by the Als, those plays looked pretty good when Glen was in there. :slight_smile:

Good, glad to hear that the press reports on the Bellefeuille - Gibson - Sask axis are wrong.

I agree, that goal line pass to Pavlovic was great, but it's jumped the shark now.

Well, I think the fact that the Ticats only surrendered 21 points suggests the defensive schemes and execution were good, but I don't think it says anything about the offense.

I'm not sure you can draw any conclusions from the time Glenn was playing either, Montreal was playing softer, trying to keep everything in front of them since they had a 15-point lead. Despite this, I like the speed with which Glenn makes his reads and his decisions.

I don't necessarily think the offensive play book is bad. I just thought it was an interesting comment and of course it's going to be important that the OC can call plays that will fool the opposition.


Really? To me it's a standard part of the goal-line bag of tricks. You leak the tight end out of the backfield and hit him with a short pass once he's cleared the line of scrimmage. It's more effective when the QB lines up under center because then you have the hard play-action fake that might really fool the defense, but it's good even in shotgun. I see NFL teams using it all the time. It was a good call that should have been a major. Pavlovic dropped the ball both literally and figuratively.

On the other hand, that wildcat nonsense on the goal line was a shark jump before it even happened.

Yes, it may be standard goal-line stuff, but they have to find someone else who can do it too, so it's not so obvious what the play is.


Bellfeuille is a terrible offensive co-ordinator. he may have some influence on the offence this year but from what I can see, it's not his plays this year. (thank god) i think he is a much better head coach than he is an offensive co-ordinator.

The problem wasn't that the play was obvious. The problem was that the tight end dropped the ball.

NO, Anwar Stewart, the most dominant defensive player this year, knocked the rock out of his hands before he could pull it it and secure the ball. It was a hell of a head's up defensive play. Sometimes people just make plays. If that ball is thrown half a second earlier ... Just one of those plays.

Bang on analysis right there.


Hfx, Anwar did read the play, and he did knock it out of the TE's hands, but only because the TE hadn't secured the ball and looked like he was already thinking about the TD dance he'd be doing. I respect the hell out of Anwar, and he is definitely dominant this year, but the TE has got to make that catch.