anyone else a little worried we miss playoffs all together?

Ottawa (mainly Burris) would love nothing more than play spoiler.
Montreal is playing extremely well. (eating crow on that. i had them written off a couple of weeks ago)

if i said i wasnt a little worried id be lying

Don't WORRY ! Be HAPPY :rockin:

Ticats will be ok of they play their game :thup:

When I look back at the 9 games this team has lost, how they lost them, how they blew good leads against both MTL and TOR, and the fact that both previous games vs. OTT were won by just 10 pts, each, at home, how could I, or anyone who has followed this team closely, not say "Yes?"

im not even sure what "their" game is?

Not at all.

we've had a few games this year i believe that were "tests" for a young team. i believe they failed

to get to .500, lost to Montreal
to take an out right lead of East, lost to the Arhols
to beat the Arhols in rubber match, lost again.

I think they have as good a chance as the other two step-sisters but a team with no running game does not usually get very far in November, of the 3 teams I think Hamilton is the least likely to make a run to the GC.

In the lobby of the Marriott right now in Ottawa. Fellas all seem ready to go. Not worried in the least. Stadium looks great.Ottawa will get pummelled.

If you have a pulse, you have to be somewhat concerned. Montreal is playing their best football of the year at the right time and have an excellent defense and Hamilton has no running game to help take some of the pressure off of Collaros.

If Hamilton misses the playoffs, it will be a monumental fail IMO because Ti-Cats probably have the best overall personnel on paper in the East.

I’ll save my worries for the 4th quarter in Ottawa, if needed. Until then, we’re going into Ottawa to show them what they need to become next year.

I just hope that Grigsby can show Winnipeg it was a bad mistake in letting him go. We need a running game especially against Montreal. Let's do this Hamilton!!

i dont see it as a monumental fail, its a young team with a new qb. i do agree he does have a great cast around him (except O-line) though.. next year if we miss playoffs that would be a definite fail.

Magic Madu and The Great Grigsby. what a team, if only we'd let the horses do work!

This team has not shown any degree of consistency this season. Squandered leads, win by slim margins, given away games with penalties, hot one game cold the next. Am I worried, hell yes.

I have seen this happen before when the Tiger Cats were favoured at home no less and a average Ottawa Rough Rider team came in with a guy named Pat Stokla (spelling) and knocked the Cats out of the playoffs. Oline needs serious work, no running game, no quality Canadian depth to replace Andy Fantuz and Zack Collaros is a journeyman qb with the heart of the lion and not a lot of experience. The boys had better bring their A game because Ottawa could easily be the spoiler.

One thing they have shown.... is they can go on a winning streak... that's all you need once the playoffs are clinched

Apology if this is anwered elsewhere, but what (if anything) do the 'Cats need to do to get first place or is that option gone? :?

Wont happen neither the HC or OC have any clue how to use the run

Scenario A: 1.) Hamilton beats Ottawa 2.) Montreal beats Toronto 3.) Hamilton beats Montreal by 8 or more points. or Scenario B: 1.) Hamilton beats Ottawa 2.) Toronto beats Montreal 3.) Ottawa beats Toronto 4.) Hamilton beats Montreal.
I believe those are the most probable possibilities for the 'Cats to finish first, with scenario A being the most likely possibility.

I think fans of the Cats, Argos, and Als should be equally worried. Everything is still up in the air and no team has been consistent this year.