Worried ! Our team looks to loose!:)

Watched a video on TSN of the indoor practice in Moosjaw (home of 431 Air demonstration squadron the Snowbirds !) Our team was jumping around making Crow Noises ?! This team fools around to much and should take the job at hand more serious !!! :lol: like a bunch of kids ,Hage , Dyakowski and Bulke are to blame :rockin: Crawwwwwwww!

loosey goosey. not much pressure. i kinda like it

Loose is good. All the pressure has be on the Riders. Playing at home. Point favourites . All the Tabbies have to do now is go out and play the game they love for each other and us (their fans at home and across the country ,not to mention Australia and around the world) and kick some green Rider butt. I think, while it's going to be a tough road the cream will defiantly rise to the top. Oskee!!! :smiley:

We don't know at what point in the practice that was shot. It could have been before or after the actual practice session. I personally don't think KA would allow alot of fooling around during work time.

He certainly would not allow it on this "business trip"

Just joking guys! All those bus trips has brought this young team closer and probably helped this year :thup: these guys are just like the 98 99 unit in lots of ways have fun and play hard :thup:

Hi Half:

According to this quote in the Brampton Guardian, the head coach didn't seem all that bothered....

[b]"Tiger-Cats coach Kent Austin laughed when asked about the bird calls, admitting he was glad he wouldn't have to hear them much longer.

But he wasn't about to intervene.

"It's the players' football team, right?" he said. "I've told them that from the beginning. It's not our team, it's not my team. The players are going to make this team what they want it to be."

The bus rides have turned the Ticats into a real band of brothers who enjoy each other's company. On Friday, the team looked supremely loose before focusing on the business of practice."[/b]

The coach gets it....the players get it....there are enough veterans and those on the coaching staff who've been to the cup and WON IT before to understand what is needed.

As I said before the semi and the final, Kent Austin will have this team prepared and ready to play.

im not worried at all these guys are ready to play kent looks just as cool as they do and he speaks very sensible and carrys himself as a true professional they will be more then ready to go to work tommorrow

Exactly, Bill. Kent looks unfazed and totally in control, as he has all season. He has a solid coaching staff and a team that has dealt with more than any other group in this league. Last weekend they played in front of near 40 thousand in an enemy’s ballpark. They’ve dealt with weather issues of almost every kind, constant personnel changes, a LARGE number of injury issues, new coaches and schemes, and had to achieve all this while out of their home stadium.

Green land can believe what they will. This team has proven that they CAN and HAVE come from behind under pressure to win, can control some great offenses and defenses in playoff conditions at home and on the road. We have veterans and coaches who have been to the big game AND WON IT to provide the guidance and leadership needed.

They best be ready for a fight.

Dyakowski has a good explanation of the crow thing in this video:


Good post, relates to what earl was saying in his post. Thanks for the video, basically says it all.