Worried about Coach Lancaster.......

Anyone read Coach Lancaster's comments on CBC. ca re last nights fiasco? He seemed to me to be in a state of despair.I couldn't stop thinking that the Little General has all but given up.
Can this be?
This is the man who over the years, on the field and off, has been the embodiment of the "never say die" attitude.
Can anyone who was at the game last night tell us about his demeanour on the sidelines? They did not show much of him on TV. Was he calling people to account? Was he yelling at Pao Pao upstairs?
I ask because I just cannot believe he could have watched four quarters of garbage football without doing something about it. I thought he would have dragged Pao Pao from his perch, installed him on the sidelines....and then demand that he call plays that produced some yards and used his best players. And if that didn't happen I would have expected Pao Pao would have been told to go somewhere for a coffee and Lancaster would have called the offensive plays himself. Maas should have been pulled and Eakin should have been told to get the job done or he would be gone....and the same goes for anyone else on offence.
This is not the Ron Lancaster I want to remember.
Can anyone shed some light for me?


This is precisely the Ron Lancaster I remember.
It must be very difficult for this man who has recently undergone illness and was edging towards retirement to put his heart and soul back into coaching this team.
I continue to feel, however, that Marshall had to be fired and the organization had to take a chance on Ron since they were too far into the season to change Marshall's team.
Many of the "Fire Marshall" detractors were saying on this site that once this team started to win, we would be thanking Marshall.
It appears that the inevitable has taken place, however, the team stinks, and Marshall's legacy, indeed lives on.


I dunno. He sure seemed fired up about being coach again after Greg Marshall was dismissed.
Maybe he has finally realized what a mess he has on his hands. It seems Pao Pao can call lousy games all he wants and nothing is being done about it. What coach anywhere would allow this to continue?
I think one reason the players look like they have given up is because they realize how bad Pao Pao is.
So where's Coach Lancaster in all of this?

Waiting to retire!

Did u ever think that its not Lancaster's place to fire the assistants? If we're going to have a new Head Coach next year it wouldnt make any sense to bring in new Assistants now. If Ron doesnt have the authority to fire Joe Paopao, then why is it Ron that is doing nothing about it?

not a good way to end a iconic career. I hope he doesnt throw in the towel, cause that would leave the door open for PaoPao, and the ticats will be the next team to fold!- someth(ing)(one) stinks in hamilton and its not stelco!

I feel sorry for Lancaster. Now that the initial euphoria of returning to the sidelines has worn off, he can see that a major rebuilding job is required but he also knows he's too old to see it through beyond this season. If anyone can see the TiCat's offensive problems it's a great QB like Lancaster was.

As for last night's game, he didn't rant or rave. Even when his challenge was turned away, he was pretty cool about it. Maybe even he's thrown in the towel and the players have picked up on his vibe.

An Argo fan


Like I said. He could have still have called the plays himself and dealt with the problem Monday. If Coach Lancaster has thrown in the towel he should do the decent thing and say adios. But somehow I don't think thats the way he wants to leave football.

If anyone should be calling the plays its Maas… when was the last time Coach Lancaster called plays himself. Its been a long time.


Maas? Good grief. I can see it now. Calling pass plays which he can't complete anyway. Maas is part of the problem sir. Not the solution.

If the playbook is full of plays that dont generate deep yardage it doesnt matter who calls the plays. You cant call plays that arent in the playbook.

Re: Maas, i seem to recall him being able to get yardage last year… and the year before… etc.


Appreciate the comments but:
a) they must have some pass plays that are more than 10 yards long
b) that was last year. Now we have the sorry spectacle of Maas admitting publicly that he doesn't know why he can't complete his passes. It is to despair for sure.

I don't know why your surprised about Lancaster. Look at who the coach was in the 1-17 season. The only constant in all of this turmoil has been Lancaster. I say get rid of him, promote Pao Pao to coach and hire a decent offensive co-ordinator. I also wonder why we didn't pick up Robert Baker when the Argos let him go. We need someone like Arland Bruce that will go after balls instead of the deadwood we have that gives up if the ball is 6" ahead of them. This team has no leadership, no heart and a bunch of guys that don't want to be football players. I also noticed that we have a guy named Randall at the end of the offensive line. This clown has been beaten more than a rented mule. Get him out of there. A pylon has more movement than him.

C'mon Crash, say it.... I know you wanna say it.....

I can't even count the lumps on my head from hitting it against my desk after reading this statement.

We already cut him. His name was Craig Yeast.

Why on earth would you want PaoPao as the head coach. Good grief Charlie Brown.

Check out Ottawa’s record and offensive statistics. Bring in someone fresh, Charlie Taffe a better gamble to take or if Edmonton fires their coach bring him in next season.

I think there a lot fo good points made throughout this thread.

Anybody who is blaming Maas for this debacle needs to give their head a shake, but hey?

I don't think the General has the "authority" to make the necessary changes. And, THAT I think is the source of the problem here.

Players and asst. coaches obviously know of Lancaster's impotence when it comes to authority...ask yourself this: would you go out of your way for your boss who you knew was going soon?

Perhaps we should not wait to the end of the year to name the new permanent head coach?

I think the General deserves a lot more than this. His name and career should not be at all tarnished over this crap!

Why be worried about Lancaster..........he is in a no lose position.......if the Cats win he is hailed as a genius and saviour...........if they lose, he can say " I'm only the interim coach"

What a joke. No wonder the players aren't responding..........they know they are playing for a lame duck coach, and that there is no accountability within this organization

No wonder the players aren't responding..........they know they are playing for a lame duck coach, and that there is no accountability within this organization
poppycock, players play to win. Now, they may slack of in practice and other things, but come gametime, they play to win, because a)thats why they started playing the game in the first place b)ultimately, accountability is to ones self c) atheletes hate to lose d) professional pride.

so, cock is ok, but s.u.c.k.s is not???

what kind of stupidity is this??

Wake up folks, Paopao is lousy at OC. Just look at Ottawa's record and BC's when he was there. Same offense, short passes and dump the ball off. So the defences move up knowing that it is a rarity to go down field. Until he is gone this team is going nowhere. The defense only gave up 20 pts which should be enough to win in this league.
The Argo's dump Austin and turn it around in one short week. The players there are refocused. The cats have to do the same. Dump Paopao and start over on offense. If not we are going to see the same over and over.

If we're going to have a new Head Coach next year
it doesn't make any sense to bring in new Assistants now.

It makes a bit more sense to bring in a new Head Coach sometime this season
to make early decisions about players and coaches he wants to keep.

In the case of Charlie Taffe..he's available.